The Farlands are the afterlife of the Priesthood of the Beyond. They are often described as a densely forested, misty landscape that is neither paradise nor perdition, but instead a realm of resting and peace. They are tended by the Veiled Escort, a central figure to the theology of the Priesthood that is believed to guide a soul to the afterlife either by kindly leading the way or forcibly harvesting them.

The belief of the Farlands began some time after the Hálvotr migrated to Gilneas through deep introspection of their beliefs and the source of their strength. While the Hálvotr originally drew strength from the Abyssal Wood, their understanding of Death grew to adopt a belief in a greater realm, with the Abyssal Wood as only a subset of it. They have since come to draw power from the Veiled Escort in the Sleeping Thicket, a wintery forest shrouded in fog that serves as a place of respite to the journeying soul, and the Abyssal Wood has become taboo.

While the true understanding of the afterlife lies in the infinite Shadowlands, the Priesthood of the Beyond chooses to believe in one singular afterlife, that being the Farlands. However, the belief of the Farlands may also have been somewhat shaped by the Coven of the Wilds' introduction to the migrating priests that traveled east towards Lordaeron, seeing some exchange of values and ideas.

Place in the Shadowlands

While the Farlands were originally conceived of as an alternative to the Shadowlands, recent discovery of the Shadowlands' infinite realms could suggest that these Farlands may simply be one of the countless realms. They do seem to exist, as Priests of the Beyond embark on rituals to commune with the Veiled Escort in the dense forests described in their mythos.

If the Farlands were to be compared to a true realm, they are closest to the Ardenweald in appearance and purpose, though the purpose of the Farlands is far more broad and generally takes in any soul it claims to allow for rest. As its inhabitants are typically sent by Priests of the Beyond, it may also be that many of the souls who arrive in this realm bypass the judgment of the Arbiter.

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