A Fel Reaver terrorizing Alliance soldiers in Outland.

A Fel Reaver is a massive demonic construct, first deployed during the war effort on Outland. These massive machines possess incredible strength and unnatural speed. First created by the demons of the Mo'arg, a Fel Reaver is a fearsome sight on any battlefield.

Fel Reavers are powered by a Fel-enhanced power core, which is also thought to 'beat' similar to a heart. Some Fel Reavers appear to be powered by other means, such as the unique 'Void Reaver' located in Tempest Keep.


Not much is known about the origins of the Fel Reavers, as none were thought to have existed before the war effort within Outland. Forge Camps around Outland worked tirelessly to produce more of the successful machines, only a few reaching fruition.

Invasion of Azeroth

Fel Reavers made their return to prominence in the Fourth Legion Invasion, first on the Battle of the Broken Shore, where a massive Reaver gripped the Skyfire and forced Varian Wrynn to destroy it. Fel Reavers are a common sight among the Legion invasion sites, and wreak as much havoc as they did on Outland.

Notable Fel Reavers

  • Doomwalker (Destroyed)
  • Void Reaver (Destroyed)
  • Negatron (Destroyed)
  • Scrap Reaver X6000 (Unknown)
  • Shadowsword Guardians (Destroyed or Neutralized)


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