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Felguard, the endless legions


Burning Legion



Racial Leaders:

Illidan Stormrage



The Felguard species of Demons is one of the primary races of the Burning Legion, and form the rank and file of the Legion's infinite numbers. Felguard are fearless and unrelenting warriors with an affinity and passion for war and battle that exceeds their love for any other feeling in existence.

Felguard are conscripted from the Mo'arg race of Demons. Their exact relation to the various other Mo'arg subspecies is unknown, however, the Felguard possess great height, broad shoulders and powerful forms. Usually between eight to ten feet in height, the Felguard almost seem to exist for war and battle. They know and want for nothing else, and their Demon overlords provide for them accordingly.

Felguard are found in every single Legion territory, operating underneath the Doomguard, Pit Lords, and Dreadlord commanders that oversee them. Felguard are expendable by the thousand, and though thousands may die in any Legion assault, millions more will march victorious over the conquered defenders of a doomed world. While under a Demonic commander's order, a Felguard is a well trained and dangerous adversary, masterful at working tactics and coordinated assault. Without a commander, however, they become wild, dangerous and unpredictable, becoming no less dangerous for their frenzy. A raging Felguard is far from an incompetent adversary, and will coordinate with its fellow Demons. A Felguard will never retreat from combat, however. Sometimes, even to the Demon's detriment. If the Felguard believes it has a chance at victory, it will grasp it with both hands and fight - or die.

Felguard have an evolved state known as the Fel Lord. Each and every Fel Lord is a hardened Felguard of a thousand, thousand battlefields that form the Praetorian Guard of the Legion. A Single Fel Lord is a legendary Demonic commander that should be dealt with accordingly.