Fenrus, the Wolf Blade

Type of Sword:

Bastard Sword


Headlands Iron

Important Facts:

Family sword of the House of Grayblade

Current Wielder

Duke Berenal Grayblade

Fenrus is a bastard sword gifted to High Commander Berenal Grayblade of The Blades of Greymane by Lord Xavier Gregor for his leadership and service to the Kingdom of Gilneas.


Fenrus is a finely crafted blade, an iron vine motif adorning the blade of the sword. The blade is kept in impeccable shape and is of wonderful craftsmanship. The blade it's self is made of Ash Iron, a rare metal found only in the Ashen Coast, from which its wielder is the lord of.


Lord Grayblade has used the blade since being gifted it by Xavier Gregor. Following the damaging of Bite, Berenal's gun, during the Second Battle of Andorhal, Fenrus saw the commander through the rest of his time on the field. When deciding to refine his melee skills and learn how to fight in plate mail, the commander chose Fenrus as his weapon of choice. Though initially poorly skilled with the large sword, Berenal eventually became accustomed to its use. However, it was later shattered during the battle to reclaim the docks of Gregor's Crossing.


The Wolf Blade on Berenal's back.

Berenal had the blade reforged using elven steel by Ranger Lady Aeriyth Dawnsorrow. This was done as a sort of insurance policy, as elven steel blades are stronger when reforged, and would prove useful if the blade was ever shattered again. The Blade was shattered a second time during the Blades' excursion to Hath's Vigil, where Berenal used it to deflect several hard blows from a Forsaken wielding a large maul. The blade was broken after the commander was forced to use it to off set the oncoming blow. He later used the shattered half to viciously stab the undead to death with the jagged broken edge.

It would later be reforged once again, this time with extra Ash Iron having been found under Cobal's Hold, converting the entire blade into the mystery metal. It was later blessed by druids at the Shrine of Goldrinn in Hyjal, an enchantment that was enhanced later on by Kryfta, a scion of Goldrinn's power.

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