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Night Elf (formerly)

Character class



The Long Watcher


Burning Legion, Independent




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Feriax is a mysterious satyr. During the reign of Azshara, he served her personal astromancer, for a short time training Star Augur Etraeus. Despite his undeniable promise, he was infamous among the court for being a savant of sorts. Even in his mortal life, he said almost nothing, remaining in eerie silence unless he deemed in necessary. As Xavius began to corrupt the highborne into Satyr, Feriax followed suit, becoming one of the first Satyr with no discernible emotion.

Following the War of the Ancients, Feriax seemingly disappeared from Azeroth, appearing at multiple crucial moments in history, seemingly as an agent of the Legion, before disappearing again. The armies of Sargeras had little reason to trust such a reclusive individual, but were surprised each time by the opportunities he presented. Feriax is known to cloak himself in illusions undetectable to even the most skilled magic users, and therefore may have appeared in other forms to further is apparently malevolent goals.

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