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Filarick is a fairly skinny man, who keeps a decently kempt beard meanwhile his hair is a fluffy mess of slightly curly hair. He has a scar on his face from a magical experiment in his youth as an apprentice that ended up in a small explosion, it is not bad enough to disfigure him but it is noticeable, and he wears a pair of glasses


He was born in Boralus, to a fisherman named Alcott Barret and a merchant named Isabella Watt, both of whom loved him dearly, he lived in Boralus until he was 9 when a mage from Dalaran saw his magic potential and spoke with his parents about sending him to Dalaran so he could learn how to properly harness it and not eventually blow himself up. after much debate his parents agreed figuring it would give him a good future and lay a foundation for a career.

Once he arrived in Dalaran he began his studies, which at first he was bored with but he quickly found Frost magic to his liking, it reminded him of the Tidesages he’d seen so often back home, his reverence for them would stick with him for the rest of his life to the point he'd even have a staff similar to those of the Tidesages as his Arcane focus. After a few years he took a class on Abjuration to learn how to make a basic mage shield and instantly fell in love with, seeing that there could be many many possibilities such a school of magic could bring him and began devoting himself to the study of it.

After a few months they began teaching him how to use practical magics, to utilize the theories he was being taught, one of the first things he was taught was how to make a shield out of magic, once he figured out how to use this magic his mind began to wander about what sort of things one could do with such magic and he fell in love with the possibilities he thought up, some more crazy than others. When he was allowed to choose a school of magic to specialize in he chose Abjuration and began his study and research, finally putting his crazy ideas into action, it didn't take him too long to start experimenting with minerals in his studies. Once he began going on assignments with other apprentices to test their abilities, he began putting testing experiments in the field, much to the dismay of the other apprentices who thought him a bit young to be as crazy as he seemed, however what they saw as insanity was in actuality just a passionate curiosity.

During one of his experiments he used an explosive ore, seeming to not think of the consequences, and once something hit the shield it blew up in front of him and scarred his face, he considered the experiment a success even if he was permanently scarred, he now had a neat little trick that he could use in a fight if he altered it slightly. After altering said spell he used it to play quite a few pranks, he used substantially less explosives in the pranks to make sure no one was injured, however that didn't mean that the pranked people were any less angry or annoyed.

After several years going back and forth between Boralus and Dalaran, he finally finished his Apprenticeship at the age of 22, and became a full fledged Mage of the Kirin Tor, he would later stop doing much alongside the Kirin Tor and instead do his experiments against bandits and the like for a time before thinking maybe he should find some kind of actual job, and so he joined a circus without a thought in the world as to what he'd do there... like an idiot.

After a few months within the circus the woman in charge of it died from an illness she had hidden from everyone, the circus was disbanded but in her will she left every member of the circus a piece of her estate in gold, thus making them all decently well off for the foreseeable future, Filarick has yet to decide what he is going to do with his new influx of coin but he has a few different ideas in the works


Can be a tad strange at times, likes books especially ones about Abjuration that he hasn't read yet, likes hearing people talk about themselves or things they are passionate about, acts younger than he looks a lot of the time so he can "talk shit" a bit too much which gets him into quite a bit of trouble, he used to be extremely passionate about his study to the point of looking crazy but he seems to have calmed down in recent years.


Isabella Barret

She is his mother, when Filarick was found to have potential to become a mage she was on board with the idea after very little debating in her own mind and so she was the one who had to convince his father to allow him to go and learn in Dalaran, of course they both agreed that they didn't want him to not be away from them for too long and that he should still be allowed to visit them when possible. Because she was so adamant on both topics Filarick was both able to study in Dalaran and also come home once in a while, which kept their bond strong making Isabella one of his closest confidants and he'd look to both of his parents for advice on many things throughout his adult life. They care for each other deeply and he visits her for tea at least 2 times a month.

Alcott Barret

He is his father, when Filarick got the prospect of become a mage he was very against the idea as he didn't want to lose his son, but after much discussion with his wife Isabella, they were able to come to an agreement which allowed a compromise, over the years they drifted apart at times as he could be rebellious at times, however once Filarick was an adult they became close again, they both trust each other a lot even though they are still known to argue at times causing Isabella to intervene and tell both of them off since most of the time their arguments are entirely mundane. He still looks to his father for advice to this day and he makes sure to go fishing with his father every so often.

Skills and Abilities

Abjuration Magic

He is very skilled in the ways of Abjuration, he's even gone so far as to do a large number of different experiments in the field, such as imbuing minerals into the magic to create a myriad of effects ranging anywhere from making the spell have a change in color to causing an explosion when the magic is attacked, he still studies different ways of using such things for different uses.


He is adept in the school of Enchantment, he wouldn't call himself a master in any means but he is skilled enough to do minor enchanting jobs when he needs coin.


He has delved deeply into the study of minerals and the like in his experiments in Abjuration, he's still studying minerals from around the world and beyond.