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Firaelis Val'cari "the Unready"
Firaelis Val'cari, official portrait




607 K.C. (21)


Lawful Good

Known Family

Tarso Val'cari (father)†
Celriel Sunwhisper (mother)†
Arthedren Val'cari (brother)
Caledra Val'cari (sister)†
Amorlanthus Val'cari (grandfather)†
Syllorel Val'cari (grandmother)†
Taellar Val'cari (uncle)†
Visilia Val'cari (aunt)
Calaelis Val'cari (cousin)


"The Unready"


House of Val'cari
Council of Bishops
The Highguard





Firaelis Val'cari is the son of prominent clergyman Tarso Val'cari and his wife, socialite Celriel Sunwhisper. He received a clerical training at the Northshire Abbey under the direction of the Diocese of Stormwind and College of Canons. During his time at the abbey, Firaelis also received a martial education from Aeriyth Dawnsorrow.

He was ordained by then Bishop of Stormwind, Johannes Moorwhelp and later made a prior of the Council of Bishops by Mellar Servus. Firaelis, as prior, holds the record for most consecutively missed council meetings to date. It has been years since his attendance at one of the meetings.

Suitably dubbed "the Unready" by amateur Thalassian historians for his untimely ascension to power as patriarch of the House of Val'cari, Firaelis is struggling after the death of his father during the Thalas'din Dal Massacre with few trustworthy relatives remaining to assist as he leads his house through an uncertain future.

His first decision taken as patriarch was publicly announcing his loyalties to the Grand Alliance, so as to dissuade others from thinking he was traitorous like his father.

Old friends of the family, specifically Lord Baldrec Ashcroft and Bishop-Emeritus Allrick Antonius, negotiated extensively with the Stormwind House of Nobles to ensure the unfreezing of Firaelis's coin and assets in Stormwind City. In addition, he was immediately released from house arrest with custody transferred to the authorities in Dalaran.

An unstable, practically "nomadic" home life brings with it a host of challenges that one must overcome. Acclimating to a new city is never easy, however, it has been made less difficult for Firaelis. Due to well placed connections, he holds a position in the Magus Senate of Dalaran as private secretary to Arvellen Sunwraith, chief of staff for Elberich Haltring who serves as Minister of the Interior.


Firaelis stood averagely for a Quel'dorei at six feet one inches tall. The elf was in his prime, a peak physical condition that he would hold onto for decades to come given the eternal youthfulness of elvenkind. He had broad shoulders, a well built chest, and lean muscle that covered his entire body; the musculature upon his frame was not something he spent hours working for like strong warriors, instead it came from an active, healthy lifestyle. Blonde hair framed an often smirking, symmetrical countenance, and was often parted down the middle going down either side of his face with it pulled back behind his elongated ears.


He possesses what some might consider a dreamy disposition, having the tendency to not always appear to be totally engaged with and alert of his immediate environment. However, when Firaelis isn't traversing the realms of his own cerebral dreamland, the elf is very sociable and charming when in the company of others. Being a gregarious and interesting individual has allowed him to meet a number of people throughout his life, and he spends time maintaining a large circle of acquaintances who live across the Eastern Kingdoms.

An early on traumatic childhood experience, where he was kidnapped and held for ransom by the Defias Brotherhood, has made him particularly cynical. He is very distrustful of those around him and is extremely selective in letting people close, both in friendships and relationships. When the emotional barrier has been struck down, individuals will come to know a very self-sacrificing and warm elf.

Besides having heard stories about the grandness of Quel'Thalas and the greatness of the Thalassian way of life, Firaelis hasn't really seen it for himself. He was the only son of bishop-emeritus (and traitor) Tarso Val'cari to be born and raised in Stormwind City. Generally, the elf is not a believer in Thalassian superiority, unlike his predecessors. Uncertainty about his people's place in the world, and his own place within the world, has certainly sat in.

With all the stresses of newfound responsibility comes the necessity for escape from the harsh realities of life. Firaelis has resorted back to old habits. He is particularly prone to alcoholism and lustfulness. Possessing a taste for the finer things in life, despite his intelligent and progressive mind, Firaelis is a hedonist at heart, having always been known to pursue things that make him feel alive and happy.