The Firefist Clan
Firefist Crest-0
The Coat of Arms of Clan Firefist

Coat of Arms

A cut, polished ruby fist, depicted wreathed in flames.


"Fear Our Flames"

Seat of Power

Brügarr Hold, located in northeastern mountains of the Searing Gorge

Ruling Lord

Thane Argol Firefist


Thane Brügarr the Fire-Fist


Overlords of Mount Brüg


Hereditary Monarchy


Blackbreath Clan

Slagspit Clan

Deepstrum Clan

Spiralbraid Clan

Gritsnipe Clan

Steelscar Clan




Dark Iron Clan, Twilight's Hammer, The Grand Alliance, Independent.

Argol's Firefist 2-0

Banner of the Clan Firefist: A fist in black plate wreathed in flame.

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The Firefist Clan is an independent Dark Iron Dwarf clan located in the Searing Gorge's northeastern mountains. Once a loyal clan among their dark iron brothers and sisters, they later seceded from Emperor Thaurissan's rule during the Orcish Horde's invasion of Blackrock Mountain. With a long-standing reputation tarnished by betrayal, bloodshed, and dark secrecy, the Firefists are both reviled and feared throughout dwarven society.

Background Edit

The clan has a city-stronghold in the northeastern mountains of the Searing Gorge and is currently ruled by Thane Argol Firefist, the most infamous and feared of the Firefist family.

Founded by Thane Brügarr the Fire-Fist almost 150 years prior to the War of the Three Hammers and it is said that the clan was trouble for dwarves of all clans even then, as Thane Brügarr had six sons, each eventually going on to lead a branch loyal to the Firefist Clan by blood relations.

Despite its tarnished name, the Firefist Clan is renowned for its skilled sorcerers, deadly assassins, expert runesmiths, excellent stone-shapers, and disciplined soldiers.


In its early days, Clan Firefist was small and humble, made up of sorcerer-smiths, master rune-crafters, and brave, unyielding warriors.

The first among them was Brügarr, whom was a sought-after master craftsman and smith. Little is known about Brügarr himself, but he was respected and renowned among his people for his few masterful creations.

Brügarr was an expert runesmith, applying his skill to the few masterpieces made by his hand at the time, one of these, a weapon, was the legendary battle axe: Ironspite, which he made for himself.

It was the the Legend of Ironspite and the sorcerer-smith's own feats which lent to Brügarr's rise, and the formation of his clan, as many desired to serve him once the legend spread.

Ironspite, the Unburning, the ancestral war axe of the Firefist clan, first forged and wielded by Brugarr the Fire-Fist himself.

War of the Three Hammers: Edit

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Phase One Edit

Phase Two Edit

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The Fall of Blackrock: Edit

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The Rise of Argol the Cruel:Edit

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The Fall of Blackrock Mountain:Edit

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The Brugarrian Civil War: Edit

Brugarr Hold was at a height in its power, a thriving city, and the Firefist Clan independent and controlled by Argol. Talgan Firefist has openly declared war against his father and has since then been waging it alone, attempting to appeal to Dark Iron senators to make his case. Talgan has since formed his own faction of the clan and joined the Hand of Thaurissan to ensure a brighter future for his people. Alone, it was something Talgan himself could not provide. Eventually his aid from the hand had ended, as the organization disbanded. Talgan now returns to appealing to senators and delegates for aid. Many deny or ignore Talgan, however, because even if the clan suffers from corrupt leadership, it is still strong, and its cunning master makes is a dangerous foe to cross.


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