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Fleet Commander Commendation


Navy Commendation


All Grand Alliance Navy Officers, Sailors or people of affiliation with the Service

Awarded for

Any reason deemed noteworthy or commendable by the Admiralty and Chain of Command




Currently Awarded

Order of Wear

Next (Higher)

King's Commendation for Valuable Service

Next (Lower)


The Fleet Commander Commendation is a Grand Alliance Navy specific award which is a part of the Navy Commendation system. Commendations, unlike most other awards, often come in the form of a pendant, written document or other items which congratulate the recipient on their exemplary service.

Fleet Commander Commendations are given to sailors, officers and civilians working across Navy who have been nominated for exceptional performance in their unit. Typically, sailors are awarded the Commendation, but there is no limits on who can be awarded so long as they have served in or with the Grand Alliance Navy forces or Departments.

As the name suggests, the award is granted and gifted to the recipient by the acting Fleet Commander of Navy.

By Order of Wear, the FCC is below the King’s Commendation for Valuable Service, which is the highest of the Navy Commendation System.

Forms of the Commendation

The Commendation has no specific form, as it can be awarded to personnel as a pendant, document, Military College diploma and even in rare cases as a medal.

Ultimately, it is not uncommon for the Commendation to be made suitable for the recipient.

FCC Recipients

Feel free to add your characters to this! No limit. If you wish it to be awarded in-game, please contact Ranets in-game or via the wiki message board.