A Frigate is a generally multi-masted (Typically triple or quadrupedal) gunship that is specifically designed for heavy combat and missions of long service.

First Appearence Edit

The first frigate was said to be developed by early Kul Tiran shipwrights in an attempt to create vastly sized vessels that could engage enemies far more effectively and swiftly while minimizing the casualties lost.

Initially, the warships were built for not only combative effectiveness but later speed and maneuverability as well. As the Kul Tiran frigates developed, the ships began to more frequently appear as triple masted and with about an estimation of 25-50 guns.

Frigates in the Grand Alliance Edit

Frigates now are a much more common sight with the Grand Alliance Navy using much of the plans of previous frigates to improve and re-innovate frigate plans, such as the Gryphon-class vessels, currently the most advanced frigates in Navy, almost completely dominating the maritime warfare spectrum.

Known Frigates Edit