The insignia of the Genome Project.

The Genome Project is a gnomish organization based in New Tinkertown that fronts the interests of gnomekind throughout Azeroth. It is composed of several branches, or “Cells,” including both militant and civilian personnel that serve the Gnomeregan under High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque and the Grand Alliance.

The Cells

Special Forces

As gnomes are not as physically adapted to combat the other races, those gnomes who would seek to serve in Gnomeregan's military are subjected to highly rigorous training that would qualify them as "Special Forces" in other kingdoms' armies to bring them to the cutting edge of tactical warfare.

Those gnomes who heed the call to battle are thusly known as part of the Gnomeregan Special Forces. They are both feared and respected throughout the Alliance for their implementation of battlefield technology.


Gnomes are brilliant spies due to their small stature and love of technology. The intelligence cell of the Genome Project is comprised of gnomes of the Gnomeregan Covert Operatives who commit reconnaissance and subterfuge to the gnomish cause.

Research and Development

Always on the cutting edge of technology, the research and development cell of the Genome Project devise new gadgets and machines for practical (and impractical) use. Those gnomes part of S.A.F.E., or the Survivor Assistance Facilitation Expedition make up most of the cell - devoting most of their research to ways in which to combat the radiation released in Gnomeregan.

Public Relations

The politicians and lobbyists of the Genome Project, the gnomes of the public relations cell meet with other organizations within the Grand Alliance and attempt to secure support for gnomish interests.


Gnomercon is a community wide event hosted by gnomes. It is usually hosted within New Tinker Town every month.  Members of every race are allowed to be in attendance, but only gnomes manage and participate in the events.

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