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A Ghoul

Ghouls act as the shock troops for the Scourge and other Undead factions in general, such as the Knights of the Ebon Blade and Forsaken. These lumbering, rotting corpses were once mortal men and women from all walks of life who have made the final transition into true undeath.

Ghouls revel in combat with living beings, often devouring the corpses of their victims. Ghouls are capable of regenerating their own rotted tissues and bones by doing this. Though it is not fully understood how this happens, most scholars suspect it has something to do with a reaction of Blood Magic 'built' into the Ghoul's body.

Ghouls possess immense stamina despite their haggard appearance, capable of sprinting long distances to chase down prey or engage in combat. In combat a Ghoul's main method of attack is through slashing motions with it's long claws or biting with it's fangs.

Some Ghouls have spikes of bone or metal protruding from their bodies, increasing their physical strength and hardiness as well as adding an edge in combat.

Ghouls are rather frail despite their incredible speed, capable of rather easily being dispatched if they're alone. What they lack in strength, they make up for in numbers. Large groups of Ghouls are deadly in combat; capable of overwhelming nearly any foe with sheer numbers and speed.

While many Ghouls are unintelligent, shambling masses, some managed to retain at least trace amounts of intelligence or their full mental prowess alltogether and have become notorious. A prime example of this is the Ghoul Lord Horgus the Ravager, a Ghoul who attained a high rank in the Scourge and helped lead the assault on Darrowshire.