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The Gilneas Brigade

Main Leader

Genn Greymane

Secondary Leaders

Darius Crowley
Lorna Crowley


Grand Alliance The Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Gilneas Kingdom of Gilneas

Base of operations

Greywatch, Stormheim

Theatres of operation

Eastern Kingdoms
Broken Isles



The Gilneas Brigade is presently a detachment of troops from the Kingdom of Gilneas under the command of Genn Greymane to assist the Grand Alliance in the region of Stormheim. It's forces primarily consist of Gilnean Worgen and is an offensive force against the Forsaken within the Broken Isles.

In the past, the Gilneas Brigade was under the command of Darius Crowley as a force of spite who moved with Jaina Proudmoore to Kalimdor after the Greymane Wall was erected. The Gilneas Brigade had become a very prominent force that had assisted Jaina, noted to have served with valor. The Brigade's name was revived by Genn with the re-ordering of the Gilnean Military, splitting it into three branches in the Gilnean Army.

Now, Darius Crowley still serves as one of the commanding forces of the Brigade alongside his daughter, Lorna Crowley in assisting the Grand Alliance. The Gilneas Brigade is now presently situated within Greywatch, a camp near the town of Skold-Ashil which is under control of the Vrykul, and Greyfang Enclave, a district in Dalaran.

The Brigade also takes part in seizing control of abandoned Warden Towers across the Broken Isles for Alliance use. This has resulted in a back and forth battle with the Forsaken, specifically the organization known as the Queensguard, headed by Nathanos Blightcaller.

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