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Dr. Giselle Becker

[Doctor of Stormwind Community Clinic]

Giselle and Benji Becker.




April 12th, 601 K.C. [32]
Stormwind City
[Becker Residences]


Church of the Holy Light


Lawful Good


Lady/ Baroness
Doctor/ Therapist / Researcher
[Stormwind Community Clinic]
Lord High Physician
[Stormwind City]
Citrine Medic
[The Citrine Eagle]
Lay Faithful / Priestess
[Church of the Holy Light]
Caretaker / Volunteer
[Stormwind Orphanage]


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Alterac


The Citrine Eagle
The First Regiment [Former]


Citrine Medical


633 K.C. - Ongoing


Private / Medic


The Becker's
[Noble Family]


Dr. Adam Becker [Alive]
Rosaline Becker [Alive]
Benji [Dog - Alive]


Cathedral Square
The Canals of Cathedral Square
[Clinic Location]

Close Acquaintance(s):

Andellan Wulfgang
Khudaal Silverbelt
Rain Belgarde


Priestess Training Graduate
[Church of the Holy Light]
Medical Graduate
[Stormwind Medical University]


Doctor [Dr.]
Lady [Baroness]


Mental Health
Disease Prevention
Forsaken Blight
Herbal Medicine
[More to be added]


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“It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”

― Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Dr. Giselle Becker is the head doctor of a modest community clinic in the city of Stormwind. The woman is known to be extremely passionate about her occupation, and with the teachings provided by the Church of the Holy Light. Being frequently slighted around the Cathedral District conversing with people who share the same faith as herself.

But, although Giselle is someone who is well-educated in the many usages of Light. The young Doctor prefers to aid her patients by practicing more traditional methods of medicine. Claiming that it provides the best of results and that the Light may be powerful, it can't possibly be the remedy to cure everything.



Giselle has never cared much about her physical appearance, but the doctor is viewed by most as a standard Stormwindian beauty; a youthful-looking woman with a fair complexion, bright blue eyes, and a head of ginger coloured locks that almost seems to glow underneath the sunlight.

Average Youth

Born on April 12th, 604 K.C to Dr. Adam Becker, and Rosaline Becker. Giselle was named after her grandmother who passed away a year prior to the girl's birth. The two of them share the same light in their eyes, says Giselle's mother, and are the only two from both sides of the family who were born with natural ginger-colored hair.

Giselle has always been a cheerful individual. Her parents did their absolute best to take care of the girl while giving her enough space to develop on her own, and from watching her father work, Giselle took a slight interest in medicine at a very young age. Dr. Adam Becker was overjoyed about his daughter sharing the same passion as him but also worried about the years that his daughter might spend on studying, only to find herself unhappy, because being a doctor wasn't a lifestyle suitable for everyone. The job implied working long hours and putting yourself out there with the sick. So, Dr. Adam Becker secretly took a sigh of relief when his wife enrolled their precious daughter for priestess classes with the Church of the Holy Light.

It was a great honor to have one of the Head Priestesses accept Giselle as a protégé, but it also indicated that Giselle had to take residences in the church at the tender age of seven. Unable to return home even on the weekends to visit her parents.

Several years then seemed to blur together, Giselle would go on to devote herself completely to the church, and to study about the Holy Light. She was by no means the top of her class, but appeared to be on a whole different level from her classmates when it came to the art of "Greater Healing." A common type of healing used by most medics to heal wounds that were considered to be more serious than others, with the only downfalls being that the healing progress was long, and tasking to the caster's own body.

Yet, Giselle seemed to be truly gifted in that specific area of healing, being able to cut down the healing time to nearly half and often left no scars on her patients, but being only thirteen at the time she was limited to healing injured stallions for the military.

Troubled Teen

It's hard to believe that Giselle was a troublemaker as a teenager, but the girl did indeed stir up quite the mess during her priestess training days with the Church. Sneaking out one late evening to the local orphanage in hopes to show her true potential through treating a friend who was suffering from a high fever...which did not end the way that Giselle had hoped. Her friend of course eventually recovered, but Giselle was removed from the Church for an year to think about what she had done.

And during that year the girl would spend most of her time with her father; who was volunteering his time in Westfall.

Adulthood (WIP)

Currently (WIP)

Giselle as a Baroness.

Giselle (Maxen gift).png

Stormwind Community Clinic (S.C.C)



Stained glass portrait of Giselle.








"Have a band-aid!"

"Have a band-aid!"

Medical uniform of Benji Becker.

Benji and his friend Max.