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The Gnomes
Gnome Crest.png

Primary Affiliations

Grand Alliance

Titan Constructs



Primary Language


Life Span

200-500 Years

Average Height

Approx. 3' (Male)
Approx. 2'10" (Female)

Average Weight

Approx. 42 - 45 lb (Male)
Approx. 37 - 39 lb (Female)

The Gnomes are a race of tinkerers, intellectuals and artists, originating from the Curse of Flesh placed upon Titanic Repair Constructs thousands of years ago. From beneath the earth, Gnomes have brought forth most of the technological advances seen in the modern world.

Although their recent history has been marred with civil war and destruction, the Gnomes of Azeroth have rebounded and are a growing power in the world. Most gnomes have sided with the Grand Alliance and seek to reclaim their capital city of Gnomeregan from the Leper Gnomes and Troggs that now occupy it. The gnomish titanic constructs that were spared of the Curse of Flesh roam Titanic sites and guard the Titan's creations - often seeking to "undo" the curse of flesh from any living beings they find.