Soldiers of the Gnomeregan Special Forces in formation outside of New Tinkertown.

The Gnomeregan Special Forces are the standing military of the nation of Gnomeregan. Comprised entirely of gnomes, the army is sworn to defending gnomish interests from foreign threats. Having fought and died alongside the forces of the Grand Alliance, the gnomish soldiers of the Special Forces have earned the respect and admiration of their peers.


As gnomes are not as physically adapted to combat the other races, those gnomes who would seek to serve in Gnomeregan's military are subjected to highly rigorous training that would qualify them as "Special Forces" in other kingdoms' armies to bring them to the cutting edge of tactical warfare.


The Gnomish Special Forces are both feared and respected throughout the Alliance for their implementation of battlefield technology. Wielding flying machines, mechanical exoskeletons, and a wide range of explosive ordinances, they dominate what battlefronts they can afford to field due to their scant numbers.

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