Admiral of the First Fleet
Godwyn Ladekahn


IconSmall Human Male.gif Human
Kul Tiras Flag.png Kul Tiran


30 (Born year 12)


Admiral of the First Fleet
Eagle of the East


Kul Tiras Flag.png Kingdom of Kul Tiras

Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance


Faith of the Tides


Tywin Ladekahn (Grandfather)
Tysha Ladekahn (Grandmother)
Owyn Ladekahn (Father)
Tonya Ladekahn (Mother)
Arthur Ladekahn (Uncle)
Randwynn Ladekahn (Uncle)
Edwin Ladekahn (Cousin)
Macelwynn Ladekahn (Cousin)
Corwin Ladekahn (Cousin)
Baldwyn Ladekahn (Brother)
Valwyn Ladekahn (Brother)
Freywinn Ladekahn (Brother)
Arwin Ladekahn (Cousin)
Paloma Swift (Wife)
Annawyn Ladekahn (Daughter)

Coat of arms:

"Know no Fear."

Military Service


Kul Tiras Icon.png Kul Tiras

Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance


Years of Service

29 L.C. - 39L.C. (Kul Tiras Navy, Fifth Fleet)
37 L.C. - 39 L.C. (Kul Tiras Navy, Tenth Fleet)
39 L.C. - present (Kul Tiras Navy, First Fleet)


Kul Tiras Navy O-9.png Admiral


First Fleet, Kul Tiras Navy

Commands Held

Captain, L.A.S. Thane
Captain, L.A.S. Retribution



Godwyn Ladekahn is an officer in the Proudmoore Admiralty. A native of the City of Tyr's Hand in the Eastweald of Lordaeron, as a young man Godwyn was placed on an escaping Ship fleeing Lordaeron and the Plague of Undeath by his family whilst they remained behind, and made berth in Kul Tiras. From the age of eleven, Godwyn walked in the city streets of Boralus and when he became a Man, enlisted in the Kul Tiran Navy. Over the years, Godwyn has become a charming, dashing and roguish gentleman who dreams of one day taking part in the mission to reclaim his homeland, whilst remaining loyal to his adopted people in Kul Tiras.


Godwyn's features are somewhat plain for a man of his height, his strong jaw and brow are hidden beneath a scruffy, shaggy exterior that he does his best to keep groomed and tied back. His eyes are bright and blue, and has had his nose broken and healed at least once. Significant scars criss-cross over his face, the most prominent of which are upon his left cheek, across his nose and above his brow.

Godwyn is a a true rogue at heart, a man willing to play by the rules but break them if necessary. He is eloquent and well spoken, having a great thrill for reading. He is an amicable man, composed and competent. He is loyal to his friends and allies and expects loyalty in return.


Early Life

Godwyn was born as the youngest son of Owyn Ladekahn of Tyr's Hand. Godwyn had a courteous, but distant relationship with his father, who had numerous other sons and soldiers to train, but enjoyed a close relationship with his mother Tonya, whom he inherited several physical traits from. Tonya died when Godwyn was four years old, leaving him to be raised in large part by his siblings and cousins. House Ladekahn was a knight-house of minor nobility in the Eastweald that raised armored soldiers for the army of Lordaeron. Like the rest of his brothers and cousins, Godwin was put through a young noble's education in his youth by being taught his numbers and letters and combat training. Slimmer and of slighter build than his brothers, Godwyn had difficulty wielding the broadswords and heavy armor that his family customarily used. What he was instead was faster. Unable to compete with his brethren's physical strength, Godwyn trained himself to run and outpace his opponents rather than overcome them physically. A trait that would serve him well later in life.

Arrival in Kul Tiras

At the age of eleven, the Third War broke out across Lordaeron. Early in the conflict the Plague of Undeath began to spread across the Eastweald. Tyr's Hand shut its gates to the outside world and did not open again until successful negotiations with the emerging Scarlet Crusade to become part of the new order. House Ladekahn and all of their lands and soldiers were absorbed into the Crusade, and Godwyn was mostly left on his own by the now-busy knights of the household. There was no doubt a future as a Crusader awaited Godwyn as well, if not for the intervention of his Grandfather, Tywin. Now a Priest of the Crusade himself, Tywin wished at least one Ladekahn to survive the madness of the Scourge and took Godwyn without his father's permission to King's Harbor where he was placed upon a refugee ship fleeing the Plague. Without a silver to his name, Godwyn ended up in Kul Tiras when the voyage came to an end, and began trying to find somewhere safe.

Safety did not come easily to the young Godwyn. Many refugees had fled to Kul Tiras in the wake of the Scourge and public officials were overwhelmed. Godwyn vanished into the crowds and soon found himself on the streets of Boralus with only the clothes on his back. He soon fell in its urchin street gangs that stuck together to survive, begging and stealing by day and sleeping under tarps at night. Godwyn yearned for his family and days of feeling full and safe and protected. He would cry at night when none of the other children were looking. Eventually, Godwyn decided that he had to move on and accept what his life was like now if he was going to survive. He mourned his family, and moved on, determined to stay alive.

Youth in Boralus

Godwyn had to grow up fast in Kul Tiras.

Godwyn would spend much of his youth in Boralus, the Capital of Kul Tiras. With few other options, Godwyn fell in with the Orphan gangs. These urchins did grunt work for the larger gangs of adults that lived in hook point, and Godwyn's crowd of urchins was owned by the Scrimshaw gang of thugs. Threatened with violence, the orphans would panhandle or pickpocket any money they could off of passing travelers, and then turn in what they had collected at the end of the day to the gangs in return for a piece of their own work. One day, Godwyn was begging in the wrong gang's territory, and was taught a lesson he would not soon forget. He earned his first scar cut across his cheek with a metal can.

After a number of years scraping by, Godwyn reached the age of fifteen. He had been one of the luckier children to have made it so long without being arrested or vanishing. He finally managed to get his first legitimate job hauling scrap upon a salvage freighter. Though the wages were slim, they were honest and they were his. It was a life that he wanted, and one he would pursue. He'd grown adept at hiding things over the year. Coins, books, things the gangs in Boralus wouldn't want him to have. More than the money, Godwyn appreciated the atmosphere of the shipboard life. It was freeing to be out on the ocean after so many years in crowded cities. More to the point, Godwyn was reaching the maximum age for the orphan crowds. The lucky ones lived long enough to join the street gangs in full. The unlucky ones sometimes simple outlived their usefulness, or fell to their death, or died cramped and alone in some hole. Godwyn found all of these fates unacceptable. Instead, he began planning his escape from the street life. Using what he'd been able to scavenge over the years, Godwyn bought some second-hand books on Seamanship and began studying the essentials of sail, determined to take the Proudmoore Academy entrance exam.

Proudmoore Academy

Cadet Ladekahn

Against all odds, Godwyn actually placed in the upper top ten of his academy entrance exam, and was officially accepted into the Academy, being given the rank of Cadet and set to training. His first few weeks in the Proudmoore Academy were a time of adjustment. While he knew of the disciplined life expected of military personnel, it took him a decent while to adapt back to it himself. Despite these troubles, he resisted all temptations to drop out and managed to acclimate to academy life. He made few friends, but many acquaintances. During his years in the academy, he managed to maintain a perfectly clean disciplinary record, however this was less because of a lack of mischief and more a case of never getting caught.

In his second year, Godwyn's perfect disciplinary record was at risk when he was caught by the academy groundskeeper inscribing an academy oak tree with the initials of a recent conquest. Given a choice between a formal report and 'volunteering' his morning hours to help groundskeeper Crosby maintain the garden, Ladekahn spent the next five weeks tired in the mornings as he dragged himself out of bed to pay his debt to the garden. Though initially resenting Crosby, Godwyn eventually came to respect the man for his advice, which often came unsolicited, but proved itself useful in the ways of the Academy, and would often come back to him in the future even after he no longer needed help the aged groundskeeper.

Godwyn's final life lesson from the Proudmoore Academy came in his last year when he and the rest of the Senior cadets were permitted to take summer jobs to earn money to pay for school supplies. Having arrived late to the job fairs Godwyn was left getting a job with Layson & Sons sail rigging company, a job that Godwyn hated. Being indoors in hot weather whilst his class was spending their time outside, Godwyn knew he had to quit three days into the job. Before he did however, he went to Crosby for advice. The old man only wanted to know if Godwyn had promised Mister Layson he would work the summer, to which Godwyn had, and Crosby suggested he stick with it. The job proved to be an agonizing stretch until the final day of the job, which Mister Layson took Godwyn aside, and let him know that he had been the first Cadet to ever make it through the entire summer, and gave him an entire gold coin as a bonus to his pay. More valuable than the money was the lesson that those who persisted saw the fruits of their labors, and that loyalty was always rewarded.

Service to the Admiralty

The results of a Kul Tiran action against Pirate Freebooters.

At the age of eighteen, Godwyn graduated the Proudmoore Academy, being qualified as a Midshipman and assigned to the anti-piracy campaigns that had arisen in the years since Daelin Proudmoore's death. Godwyn distinguished himself in combat during these first excursions and earned his second scar in his first clash with a pirate vessel, slashing him across the face with a saber and leaving him with a permanent nasal scar. The pirate threat lowered for a time after six months at sea and Godwyn was finally commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.

Godwyn would steadily rise through the ranks of the Kul Tiras Navy over the next four years, beginning to show his leadership capabilities when he was left to coordinate a successful attack against an Orcish frigate in the Captain's absence that was preying upon Kul Tiran waters during the Cataclysm.

Joining the Fifth Fleet

Years later, Godwyn would find himself transferred to the Kul Tiran Fifth Fleet. He reported to Stormwind City to begin his service under Captain Castandrah Stoneshield. Castandrah would teach Godwyn, by now, a First Lieutenant, many things about sailing and navigation and would come to hold her in high regard. His adventures in the Fifth Fleet were many, ranging across the high seas of Azeroth and the length and breadth of her continents. It was during his service in the Fifth Fleet that he would meet his future wife, Paloma, having been present when she was recruited.

The Fifth Fleet Mission to Tiragarde Keep prior to the Fourth War. (Godwyn, center right.)

Godwyn saw considerable overseas service during his time in the Fifth Fleet. His early adventures took him from the coasts of Northrend where they fought a victorious campaign against Northsea Pirates preying on merchant vessels, to the shores of Durotar where the Fifth Fleet re-occupied the remains of the Kul Tiran outpost located upon its shores. Far darker trials laid ahead as Godwyn encountered the undead Sailors known as The Drowned. Twice did the Fifth Fleet foul the Drowned's invasion plans, robbing them of their leadership. Yet Godwyn never truly believed the threat was extinguished. Following this command, Godwyn was decorated with the Silver Anchor, and promoted to the L.A.S. Crestfall's first mate.

The Fourth War

When the Alliance ventured to Kul Tiras to seek the aid of the Kul Tiran Military against the aggressive actions of the Horde, the Fifth Fleet followed, soon became entrenched in the developing problems of their island homeland. Godwyn was promoted to Commander in the wake of the Fifth Fleet's increased role in military activity, and soon found himself helming ships more frequently than he had before, gaining a considerable amount of military experience. The Fourth War had broken out across Azeroth and the Fifth Fleet was on the front lines. In the early days of the War, Godwyn helped defend Kul Tiras against hostile invaders from the Horde and the Ashvane Company's pirate throngs.

Captain Ladekahn

It soon became obvious that Kul Tiras would become one of the epicenters of the Fourth War launched by the Horde with the Burning of Teldrassil. Once the local insurgent threats to Kul Tiras from the Drust, Stormsongs and Ashvanes had been dealt with, the time had come to take the fight to the Horde. Godwyn was finally promoted to Captain, and given command of his own vessel, the newly recommissioned L.A.S. Retribution. There was little time to revel in his new command as the Fifth Fleet was being deployed to Zandalar to partake in the upcoming Battle of Dazar'alor.

The deployment to Zandalar came in full force. Alliance armies and navies gathered to surround Zandalar for a full invasion. The Fifth Fleet and allied forces made landfall in Vol'dun and began securing ground for the upcoming battle. Heavy resistance was met from the Zandalari locals, supported by the Horde who fought back against the Fleet every step of the way. Godwyn himself commanded the Retribution in Naval battles at Shatterstone Harbor and off the coast of Nazmir. He would later participate in the Battle of Dazar'alor itself at the Zandalari capital.

Godwyn would play a relatively small role by comparison in the affairs of Nazjatar. The Retribution was fortunate to be among the fleets spared the pursuit of Horde forces into Nazjatar and would become all the more essential due to the reduced number of ships in the Navy. The War was still ongoing elsewhere even if hostilities in Nazjatar had ceased. He would eventually be called into service along the coast of Durotar to prepare naval support for the Second Siege of Orgrimmar. The siege would ultimately be called off as the Horde Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner abandoned her forces and the majority of the Fourth War's fighting began to die down.

Commanding the Tenth Fleet

After the Fourth War's conclusion, Godwyn was issued transfer orders from the Admiralty. He and many of his well-known colleagues, including his wife Paloma, were all ordered to report to Proudmoore Keep. They were to begin the rebuilding of the Kul Tiran Tenth Fleet, which had been among the hardest hit in Nazjatar, much of the destroyed fleet now lying in splinters at the bottom of the Ocean. With the Tenth Fleet reactivated Godwyn was given command and promoted to the rank of Commodore by the Admiralty.

Admiral Ladekahn overseeing a review of the Tenth Fleet's sailors.

Godwyn's command over the Tenth Fleet would be one of his longest assignments yet, and took him to the heights of his military career. Serving as Admiral through the remainder of the Fourth War and into the rearmament period, Godwyn would pour his efforts into building up the fleet, undertaking the duty given to him by the Admiralty of rebuilding the depleted Kul Tiran navy. Several engagements would transpire over the course of his tenure as Commanding officer of the Tenth, seeing deployments to Durotar to withdraw Alliance troops, providing relief support to Gilnean forces in Lordaeron, and partaking in the campaign to Northrend to meet the threat of the re-emergent Scourge as the veil between worlds thinned. For his service in the Northrend campaign, Godwyn would be promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral.

The First Fleet


Godwyn has had many flames and lovers throughout his life. From his time at the academy, he acquired a new confidence with women that was often excused as 'youthful indiscretion,' but was often an indulgence just because he could, and is often mortified when looking back on his own memories.


Ladekahn and Paloma.png

The one true love of Godwyn's life has always been Paloma Swift. From the time of their meeting in the Fifth Fleet, to many adventures together, through his deployment to the war in Zandalar to their eventual reunification in Stormwind, no one has ever made him feel as whole and complete as she has. Paloma is a talented captain in her own right, and the two are often assigned to work together by the Admiralty. Godwyn adores Paloma, and treats her with fondness and affection. She urges him on, matching him at every turn. Their relationship has always been one of pushing the other, never satisfied to settle with what they have, and are always discovering new things about themselves and each other when together. They were married on the 20th of march in 35 L.C.


LAS Retribution.png

Godwyn's first command was the L.A.S. Retribution. Formerly the L.A.S. Duskbane, the third-rate vessel was rechristened and heavily refurbished upon returning to Kul Tiras. The Duskbane was previously an old vessel hailing from the Third War era of Ships. Upon her return to Kul Tiras, she was given a major reconstruction, replacing most of the ship's lumber and construction. Now upgraded, She was rechristened Retribution and entered service in year 34 Lothar's Calender.

Retribution was a Third-Rate Kul Tiran ship of the line. She carried seventy-five guns, three masts, fully rigged, weighing in at one thousand, seven hundred and fifty tons of lumber, metal, tar, canvas, oil, food, water and people.


Upon assuming command of the Tenth Fleet, Godwyn was forced to leave Retribution behind along with most of the men whom had served him so well. He was however able to bring a select few with him, including his First Mate, Edward Janeway. Godwyn was given command of the newly completed L.A.S. Thane, to serve as the flagship of the Tenth fleet.

The Thane is a beast of a vessel, far larger than his previous command. A First Rate, fitted with one hundred and two guns, equipped with four Swivel Guns. Anti-personnel weapons also used to target weakened hulls. Complete with stormsilver armored front prow, capable of breaking ice sheets and damage enemy ships. The Thane weighs in at well over two thousand tons, making it slower than Retribution, but with far sharper teeth.

Awards and Commendations

Combat Action Ribbon.png Durotar Service.png Tiragarde Integration.png
Northern Barrens.png Southern Barrens.png Naga assault.png
Drowned Campaign.png Heralds of the Zandalari.png Tol Barad Campaign.png
1st Row Combat Action Ribbon Durotar Service Campaign Tiragarde Reclamation
2nd Row Northern Barrens Assault Southern Barrens Assault Naga Assault Ribbon
3rd Row Drowned Campaign Heralds of the Zandalari Tol Barad Victory Ribbon

Ladekahn 08-10-20.png

  • Alliance Commendation for Leadership
  • Alliance Grand Cross of Service
  • Gold Anchor w/ two silver bars and one bronze
  • Kul Tiran Campaign Service Medal (seven battle bars)
  • Kul Tiran Combat Achievement Medal
  • Kul Tiran Coronation Medal (Jaina)
  • Gilnean Star of Triumph
  • Alliance General Service Medal



  • Godwyn's birthday is February 1st.
  • Godwyn is fluent in Orcish and passable in Zandali, having picked up both languages from prisoners of war during the Fourth War.
  • His favorite meal is a sausage sandwich on sourdough bread.
  • His favorite color is bronze.
  • He used to be a heavy smoker, but gave it up after meeting Paloma.
  • His hobby is exotic firearms.
  • He reviles undead and believes no walking corpse should have rights.
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