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Goldenmist Village is located in the northwestern area of the Ghostlands. It was a High Elven village before its inhabitants were slain during the coming of the Scourge. They now haunt the village ruins as ghosts.

A month after the end of the Argus Campaign, the Windrunner sisters reunited and passed through the village and attacked these ghosts.


House Firesong Restoration

Note: The following consists of role-play conducted by House Firesong. Users may choose how and if this information is acknowledged in their own role-play.

Nine years after the invasion, House Firesong launched a campaign to restore the Ghostlands. Goldenmist was amongst the regions refurbished by House Firesong. Much of the village's revenue is derived from fishing and crabbing, and the location serves as housing for Firesong retainers as well as the civilian population. Israai Lightglow serves House Firesong as governess of the settlement, which has been expanded to included a forge and alchemy lab as well as new or refurbished housing of Sin'dorei design.

Attempts to cultivate plague-resistant crops have been met with varying degrees of success on the village's outlying lands.

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