Grand Alliance Invasion of Tanaan
Previous: Crusade of Shattrath
Campaign: The War on Draenor
Date: July 25, 624 35 L.C. - TBD
Place: Tanaan Jungle
Outcome: TBD
  • Tanaan Bay secured by Alliance forces.
  • Southeastern docks secured by Alliance forces.
  • Rangari Refuge secured and garrisoned by Alliance forces.

The Grand Alliance Summit

The Iron Horde, The Shadow Council

Commanders and Leaders:
  • Kilrogg Deadeye
  • Gul'dan
  • Shadow-Lord Iskar
  • Socrethar the Eternal
  • Tyrant Velhari
  • Supreme Lord Kazzak
  • The Shadow Council
  • The Iron Horde
  • The Sargeri
  • The Fel-Arakkoa
Casualties and Losses:



A World Unified

With the advance of Gul'dan, the members of the Grand Alliance, having already heard the call into Tanaan, rushed to hear the call. Many organisations ran to stand with the Grand Alliance and continue to do so with the advent of the Fel Horde facing them all.

The Grand Alliance Edit

In face of the threat of the Iron Horde and Gul'dan's fel abberations, Sir Tenevus Stromheart rallied many members of the Alliance to stand against the orcish horde, that it may defend against another attack against Azeroth. The group met and divided a variety of responsibilities across Tanaan to ensure command of the region.

Invasion: Stage One Edit

While the Magus Senate, Dwarven Vanguard and Te Amun battered and weakened the vanguard, it offered an entranced for the Silver Hand to bash their way into the field, alongside their allies, before being forced to retreat to the Rangari Refuge where they squared off against a mighty Gronn.

Meanwhile, the Highguard, and the City State of Alterac engaged in a fierce naval fight before landing upon the abandoned docks, soon commanding them entirely.


Battlefield: Temple of Sha'naar Edit

One of the many potent areas of battle was the Temple of Sha'naar, once host to holy worshipers of the Light, now to the wicked Sargerei forces, warped by the Legion's promise for power.

One such attempt on the Temple, lead by Kavaaru and the Te Amun, lead many of the Grand Alliances forces upon the night of the 29th of July at 2100 hrs.

The objective, lead from a small Draenei outpost at the base of the Temple, was to strike fast and hard. The unified forces, though not not fully representative of the Grand Alliance, smashed through the unsuspecting guardians of the gate and made a cutting path up the pathway before they were met with a powerful, currently unnamed warlock whom, using its dark magic, crushed a large force of the crusaders with falling rocks that flanked either side of the pass, using that time, time where many of the crusaders used to free themselves and heal allies, to summon down a barricade around the temple, holding the siege to a standstill, despite a taskforce's efforts in sneaking past the barricade in order to disable it.

Battlefield: Zeth'Gol Edit


Battlefield: Ruins of Kra'nak Edit


Battlefield: Ironhold Harbor Edit


Battlefield: Fang'rila Edit


Battlefield: The Fel Forge Edit


Battlefield: Seat of Kil'jaeden Edit


Various Other Battles and Locations Edit


Current Battlemap Edit


The current siege map of Tanaan with the present forces and their holdings noted.

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