Grand Alliance Siege of
Antorus, the Burning Throne
Grand Alliance Siege of Antorus
Conflict: Third Burning Legion Invasion of Azeroth
Date: 38 L.C.
Place: Argus
Outcome: Downfall of the Burning Legion.
Commanders and Leaders:
  • Sargeras
  • Admiral Svirax
  • Chief Engineer Ishkar
  • General Erodus
  • Clobex

The First Regiment
The Highguard
The Citrine Eagle
Blades of Greymane
Dwarven Vanguard
Shadowtalon Company
Argent Onslaught
Magus Senate of Dalaran
5th Fleet of Kul Tiras
The Stormwind Guard
Royal Reclamation Order
Alliance Medical Crops
The Hundred Glaives

Burning Legion
Shadow Council
Coven of Shivarra
Garothi Worldbreakers
Lesser Demons

Casualties and Losses:



The Grand Alliance Siege of Antorus was an effort by the forces of the Grand Alliance rallied by Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair to combat the forces of the Burning Legion on their home world of Argus. In an effort to bolster the forces of Azeroth along with the Army of the Light, the forces of the Alliance gathered and prepared to aid in a full siege of Antorus, the Burning Throne. The war effort ended with the success of the Alliance forces who were forced to flee the Legion world as the portal that allowed the heroes of Azeroth access began to close. Many of these forces escaped alongside the Army of the Light, and the forces of Legionfall on the Vindicaar.

The operations of the Alliance consisted of several separate assaults through the span of a four day period.

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