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Grand Alliance Unit Citation
Alliance Unit Citation.png
The unit citation.
Awarded by Grand Alliance Military


Unit Citation


All units within or associated with the Grand Alliance Military in any capacity.

Awarded For

For commendable service to the Grand Alliance in joint-military tasks




Awarded in peace of war time.


Currently awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

Stormwind Royal Unit Citation

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Meritorious Unit Citation

The Grand Alliance Unit Citation is an award given to units of the Alliance Military for especially noteworthy comaraderie and efficiency during joint-operations among nations.


The citation may be awarded for a number of categories, which are listed below.

  • For units displaying commendable teamwork in joint-command scenarios.
  • Effective execution of orders between units when communication was hindered or limited.
  • Bravery on a unit's part to save a counterpart military detail in the face of danger or adversity.
  • Dutiful service to the Grand Alliance in a joint-military, unit, or deployment scenario for extended periods of time.


The award is to be presented by a senior inspecting officer, typically the Commanding Officer of the Campaign in which the action was seen.

It is to be worn within the order of wear of ribbons and is nestled between low-grade decorations and campaign medals when in the ribbon ordering. When medals are present, it is worn on the right breast of the soldier, or above the medals if the right breast is otherwise occupied.