The Grey Hand


Commander Gation Tinryeal

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Lawful Neutral

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"We are a bastion for the people of Gilneas."


The Grey Hand was originally a sub-branch of the Nordrassil Accord, which answered to General Nicholas Graveshire. Since the Nordrassil Accord's disbandment, Sir Nicholas Graveshire took up the mantle as its Commander, and led the order to the Kingdom of Gilneas. After a year the Hand fell into hard times and the former Seneschal, Grigorius took charge and moved the order deeper into the mainland of Gilneas.

Commander Grigorius focused the mission of the order: to establish a safe haven for civilian Gilneans to live. The Commander also sought to unite both afflicted and unafflicted under one banner, without the fear of prejudice.

However before the coming of the Legion, Commander Grigorius and the Death Knight Marissa Hemlock mysteriously vanished from the order after the failed rescue of Gilnean citizens from the Stonetalon mountains.


The Grey Hand is now led by Commander Gation Tinryeal and has brought the Hand to the Broken Isles to battle the legion.


  • Level Requirement: Characters should be at least level 30.
  • Races: Humans and worgen.
  • Classes: Everything but Death Knights. Warlocks are accepted on a limited basis.
  • Contact For Application: Gation (GM), Paìsley (Co-GM)