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Grigaria Gonzette

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"You'll not see me brought low."

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"But you will be."

Race Nationality

IconSmall Human Female.gif Human
Alterac Flag.png Alteraci


January 3rd, 15 L.C (25 Years)
Norlaran, Alterac


Alteracbordericonfull.png Syndicate


Alterac Icon.png Kingdom of Alterac
ShadowCouncil.png Shadow Council


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Grigaria Gonzette is a noble-born highwayman of the Alterac Syndicate. She is known among some of the northern brigands for her incredible hearing abilities and eccentric love for paintings and artwork.


The last living member of House Gonzette, Grigaria was born after the end of the second war and the fall of her homeland, Grigaria's entry into the world was through a c-section that killed her mother. She grew up fostering a hatred for the Alliance and Silver Hand, bitter of the rest of her family's murder at the hand of their soldiers and paladins.

Living a pampered life by the hands of her house's remaining servants, she would grow into a very materialistic and greedy woman with tendencies that indicated she may have developed into a sociopath, due to having no remaining positive role models, her house's servants having joined the villainous Syndicate of Alterac.

The Syndicate

As the Syndicate kingpin Thirnas Kessler sought to rebuild his own broken house, he sought out his old vassals and renewed their allegiances. Gonzette, her house having served as vassal of House Kessler for the longest of any, accepted and agreed to serve him and his wife Janara. She was then taken on by Kessler as a surrogate daughter.

Training herself into a ruthless and skilled swordsman during her evolution into a highwayman, she would prove to be an imposing combatant and a cunning woman, robbing many naive adventurers or travellers that attempted to pass through the roads of Alterac.


Reputation and respect among her peers would seem to not be enough for the noble, Gonzette seeking out the shadowy sect of the Syndicate known as the Argus Wake. Seeking power and renown, she would request the warlocks and shadow mages grant her a boon that would greatly supplement her natural senses. She was given a set of enchanted earrings, granting her an intensely heightened awareness of vibrations and sound, bringing her hearing to an almost superhuman level.

This came with a price however, as these earrings could not be removed, and her sensitivity to vibrations imparted her with a chronic pain disorder, the woman having to wear braces on her limbs to dull the effect and keep her from collapsing. Loud sounds can give her seizures, something her allies often forget. Despite the drawbacks, she can hear a sound and place it's timbre and location from a vast distance, enabling her to track down targets with great efficiency.

Conflict in Alterac

Following a series of destructive skirmishes with the combined forces of the Army of the Truthful and Bleak Spire, Markus Quinn and a small squad of elite Scarlets marched precariously through hills of Alterac, tracking Gonzette to her gallery and home.

Following a short conflict that resulted in a small handful of her underlings being killed, Markus and Adriel Eastmirror attempted to march forward to find her inside; instead finding that the gallery was rigged with dark magic and set to explode. After withstanding grievous injuries from the massive void eruption, the squadron left the rubble behind them, Grigaria herself nowhere to be seen, taunting the crusaders with a disembodied voice.

A Particularly Nasty Encounter

While Grigaria was spending some time in Durnholde to give her bodyguard Meronc an opportunity to hunt the wildlife of Hillsbrad, the keep was besieged by SI:7 agent Leighton Kercher. Leighton snuck through the dilapidated fortifications, killing one of Gonzette's henchmen, Raemonn Celldweller, and wounding her after an evenly matched duel. Setting the man alight with shadowflame and exchanging blows with him, Grigaria was left in a rage after Leighton escaped and was rescued by fellow agent Tybalt Vanderbeck.

Grigaria alongside Meronc Nescas (left) and Lord Aurik von Baldemar (right).