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Grol the Destroyer


Fel-corrupted Ogre (Formerly)

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Minion of Razelikh



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Grol the Destroyer was an Ogre warlord located at the Dreadmaul Hold in the northwest of the Blasted Lands. Although once an ogre, Grol in fact became a demon due to a horrific pact struck with Razelikh the Defiler.

One day he was defeated, but lived on as a spirit, due to the tricky promise of immortality given to him by Razelikh.


Grol was the leader of the Dreadmaul Ogres, a major tribe isolated in the Blasted Lands. Along with Archmage Allistarj and Lady Sevine, he pledged allegiance to the Dreadlord Razelikh, who in return granted them land, an endless life as long as they remained in the Blasted Lands, protecting and serving him.

When The Fallen Hero of the Horde and his regiment ventured into the Blasted Lands they were captured, and were forced to be endless servants of Archmage Allistarj, Lady Sevine, and Grol. The ogre was beset by many adventurers looking to prove themselves, and he left many bodies in his wake. A sharp witted rogue managed to swipe Grol's amulet while he slept, avoiding another costly battle while facilitating the defeat of Razelikh.

The campain of a hero sent Grol's master fleeing, and his servants Ilifar and Felcular were slain. However, Grol remained alive within his fortress. Learning of this, the Demon Hunter Loramus Thalipedes traveled to Dreadmaul Hold, intending to finish the job.

The night elf tore through Dreadmaul's ranks, and squared off against the warlord. However, he discounted the extent of Grol's immortality, and was eventually defeated. Grol tore Loramus asunder, retrieving his prized amulet and hiding his remains in several different places among his ogre minions.

The Head of Grol

Ironically, it was Grol that would be torn apart by the Worgen, Sir Aemon Bayne, some time later. In an effort to completely do away with the curse, his head was sent away on a ship towards Kalmindor, to be finally destroyed. However, his corrupted spirit remained, and sunk the ship deep within the waters of the Shattershore. It is said that it was Grol's doing, perhaps out of revenge, when hundreds of Gilnean Worgen drowned near the Shattershore.

During the final campaign against Rezelikh, an adventurer had to defeat Grol's spirit in order to retrieve his cursed amulet. It is unknown if he still remains after his master's banishment.