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Any and all guilds on Moon Guard server are welcome to post their guild recruitment articles here! Within them you might find their guild website, a description of their theme and any other miscellaneous history or details they may wish to include.

Feel free to use the Guild Template for ideas when making your own guild article!

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Alliance Guilds
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No matter what in-character alignment your guild may have, please categorize your Guild Recruitment article as either part of the "Alliance Guilds" or "Horde Guilds" categories for ease of navigation. It is also encouraged that you add your guild article to either the Alliance Guild List or Horde Guild List!

If you wish to have your recruitment article locked (or unlocked) once you are finished with its contents, please contact one of the administrators. We hope that this utility allows guilds to advertise and branch out further and reach their fullest potential!

--The Admins