Moon Guard Wiki
Hagiel Goldenheart


Deceased passed away 12/2014


Sin'dorei (Blood Elf)



Martial Status

Divorced from Orolian Flamarrow


Former Ranger-Captain of the 2nd Farstrider Battalion, 22nd Platoon


Know Relatives

Gin Lain Flamearrow (son)

The Woman In Black

Missing her left arm now.  It has been replaced by a mechanical one.  She has deep scars down her back messing up her phoenix tattoo. Her hair has return to her natural stark white which flows down her back. Her snake tattoo is still intact. She has scars over the flaming arrow tattoos. Her skin is tanned from her journey.    She is divorced from Orolian Flamearrow. She has one son with him; his name is Gin Lain Flamearrow. She hasn't spoken to her ex-husband in months and she refuses him to see his son. 


She was a Ranger-Lord long time ago but title was stripped due to her illegal activities. She did repent and now she is a Ranger-Captain. She was married before she met Orolian, however her late husband was killed in battle. She went into a deep depression started to commit crimes and was punished for her mistake then fell in love with a man who told her life was worth living.

For the longest time she didn't have a last name. She dropped Silverwind when her late husband died and became the unknown. She didn't use her maiden name for ahwile. She grew up with her only living sister Silvercrow. 

Recent events Hagiel dropped her surname to Goldenheart. She was on a long journey to find herself again. From her travels her left arm was shattered into pieces so she had it replaced with a mechanical arm. She is a bit older and wiser now.  She doesn't speak unless she is spoken to. She still wears black. She is more reserved now.