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A Half-Elf is the offspring of an elven or half-elven parent and a parent of any other species, most commonly a human.

Most Half-Elves are the hybrid offspring of both a human and a high elf, a human and a half-elf, or of two half-elf parents. They usually have a combination of physical characteristics from both sides, and can usually be recognized as Half-Elves on sight.

Half-Elves tend to be loyal to the Grand Alliance due to its multicultural background and human parentage, as well as its history in the First and Second War, with many of their parents having socialized with humans during war time.

Half-Elves are known to be very dedicated to their work, intelligent, generally physically fit and often excel in various fields.

Physical Appearance

Half-Elves share physical qualities from both their elven and human heritage. Half-Elves generally have human physiques with slight deviations in other areas, such as the shape of the eyes or length of the ears. Half-Elves are usually athletic and often demonstrate some sort of prowess in melee combat or the arcane.


Similar to the High Elf population, Half-Elves are usually counted as a notable, yet still small minority group.


Currently, Half-Elves are a generally accepted race within the Grand Alliance, so long as both parents are loyal to the Grand Alliance. Many Half-Elves own some form of citizenship, with many of them living in large areas such as Stormwind. More traditionally minded High Elves and humans hold prejudices towards Half-Elves, though this is slowly beginning to disappear.

Most Half-Elves seek work with organizations who hold other Half or High Elves within the Alliance, such as militias, industry, or study of a field. Some Half-Elves do branch out, seeking work in sparser fields, such as the wider military, though they tend to the bravest of the bunch, most choosing to work with their kind in more comfortable work spaces.