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Hand of the Unblinded
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"Tyr punishes."


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Scarlet Monastery
Tyr's Hand


Scarletnewfire.png Scarlet Crusade
Lordaeron Icon.png Kingdom of Lordaeron
32px-Achievement reputation kirintor offensive.png Magocracy of Dalaran

Former Affiliations

StormwindfactionIconnew.png Kingdom of Stormwind


• 2,500 (25 L.C.)
• 1,400 (30 L.C.)
• 400 (39 L.C.)



Without the Crusade, there is nothing. Without order, there is chaos. Our flame shall not suffocate, for its smoke shall coat the skies and parch the throats of the wicked. The Scarlet Crusade shall smite the wicked and drive evil from these lands! We are numerous, and the pretenders shan't blur our vision. Their eyes hath not beheld the true face of heresy. Our view is all encompassing. We.. are Unblinded.

–- High Augur Reverus, Leader of the Unblinded

The Hand of the Unblinded is an elite sect of the Scarlet Crusade under leadership of the extreme and enigmatic Crusader Lord Reverus. It's main purpose is the expansion of Scarlet governed territory and regulation of internal conflicts in the orders that reside within it. Often noted for it's often tyrannical and even dishonourable conduct within the Crusade, their 'all encompassing view' spreads over the majority of Lordaeron.


Where there is sight there is action, and to such the Hand of the Unblinded operate under unrestrained vigil; destroying all enemies of the Scarlet Crusade with extreme prejudice.

Formed during a time of great unrest within the Scarlet Crusade, specifically during Taelan Fordring's rein of Mardenholde Keep, the Unblinded are led by it's appointed 'Oracle', High Augur Reverus. Reverus, an Archmage of the Kirin Tor; blames the Alliance for the fall of Lordaeron and by extension the fall of Dalaran and the death of Archmage Antonidas. For this reason, the Augur's influence has given the sect an increasingly Saidanite perception of the world, increased by the Grand Crusader's already abundant corrupting influence. For this reason, Alliance and Argent Dawn relations with the Unblinded are shaky at best.

An elite sect, not dissimilar to the Grand Crusader's Crimson Legion; the Hand employs all of the strengths of the Crusade's numerous classes and skills and filters them into broad divisions to best strategize against and combat threats to the Holy Land.


Composed by the talented Serana Dawnsinger: Unblinded Theme


This is a large scale project being created for the release of Classic WoW, with the premise of the guild being roleplayed in Bloodsail Buccaneers on Classic World of Warcraft. The guild is supposed to represent the Scarlet Crusade in it's time of greatest strength, when the Crusade occupied the largest amount of territory of any organisation in the game to date.

For this reason, we are currently accepting people interested in the guild as a concept and would like to invite all to inquire with me either on my MG wiki blog, or to DM me on my Discord tag.


Happy crusading!