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Headlands Military Cross


Military Combat Medal


All Gilnean Army or Navy Personnel

Awarded for

For acts of bravery, dedication to duty or exemplary service to the Gilnean Navy or Army not distinguished as heroic or legendary deeds


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Currently Awarded

The Headlands Military Cross is a Gilnean Military medal which is awarded to Gilnean Army or Navy personnel who show non-heroic or mundane acts as bravery, duty or service deemed as noteworthy. It is, in common analysis awarded for everyday service or courage.

The Military Cross itself is typically common, especially following the Invasion of Gilneas where many were awarded for their endless dedication to duty and service in many different reclamation efforts.


The Cross was established during the early reign of Aderic I and was created to award those who had sided with the new King for their choice and service to Aderic.

Known Headlands Military Cross Recipients

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