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The Hearthstone Tribe
Stewards of the Lost
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The symbol of the Hearthstone Tribe, a light-blue compass rose on a white field with light-blue borders, is commonly seen on official tribal banners.


TrollCrest.png Jab'trah





HearthstoneStronghold.gif Stonehearth City


(IC) January 1st, 37 L.C. (OOC) January 1st, 2017


(Tribe) To welcome individuals of all walks of life, to provide for and give a place to call home.
(City Life) To promote the city of Orgrimmar, drumming activity and raise the livelihood into a proper city once more.


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"Home is where you set your Hearth to."

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Lok'tar ogar. Victory or death - it is these words that have blinded good and honest brothers and sisters. Blinded under the choke of duty and loyalty to the Warchief, even if the very path itself is evil.

Thus, I give my flesh and blood freely to our brothers and sisters that are the Horde. I will be steward of the Horde and weapon against any who would deviate the Horde down the path of fanaticism and blinded to evil by either duty or loyalty.

From this moment until the end of days I live and die - For the Horde!

–Hearthstone Tribe Oath to the New Horde

The Hearthstone Tribe is a Horde tribe that first operated within Orgrimmar and afterwards the rest of the Horde's territories and outposts. With the lasting legacy of the Alliance-Horde War and Garrosh's impact, the tribe with its very foundation had sought to find a home amidst the constant upheavals and conflicts that arrived on Azeroth. The Hearthstone Tribe eventually found one in a still relatively uncharted island, a lush island still unnamed as they toil and work upon its very foundations from their temporary home in Stonehearth Camp.

From the humid jungles of Stranglethorn Vale, to the rolling plains of Mulgore and all the way to the enchanting woods of the Eversong Woods, the Hearthstone Tribe is a culmination in what it means to be a part of the Horde. To adapt, grow and thrive. The Tribe itself is devoted to bring stability and prosperity to the Horde, to bring out the best in everyone to help bolster and support the Horde while ensuring that it's own home is defended and secured from all threats.

The Hearthstone Tribe's open-door policy of accepting all walks of life has made it be comprised of a conglomerate of races. Given the open-door policy, however, there always lies the chance for non-conventional races to pledge and swear their allegiance to the Tribe and to the Horde.


It started as an idea, planted in the mind of Jab'trah by the Orc Mage known as Kra'kii Veinsplitter. To create an organization that could be called home, even if it was something simple as a tribe. This idea grew within his mind in rapid fervor within the coming weeks, watching the world be assaulted by the Burning Legion. Even with such a dire existential threat at the forefront, people still instinctively yearned for something to call home as Kra'kii had once mentioned to him.

With this realization, Jab'trah knew he could not simply watch but put forth his best effort to right the wrongs he saw.


The very founding of the Hearthstone Tribe has humble origins, all stemming from within the capital of the New Horde, Orgrimmar. Barely half a year after the Third Burning Legion Invasion of Azeroth had started, a lone troll by the name of Jab'trah had been drifting without a home, doubting himself and his abilities to put his entire effort to fight against the Burning Legion upon the Broken Isles.

It was thanks to a series of encounters with a few individuals, such as Lunica Swiftsun, Kra'kii Veinsplitter, Orak'lem Dawnshield and a few others that lead to the troll to the realization that in spite of the personal troubles he'd undergone, it had blinded him to the fact that the world was still hurting and needed all the help it could get. With the support he'd received and with the very spirit of it, he founded the Hearthstone Tribe as a home for every walk of life, be it the exiled and the reviled, to simple folk who craved and desired a home.

With the backing of his new tribe and as Chieftain, the Tribe strode forward in the defense and support of its newly founded home.

Legion-Logo-Small.png Third Burning Legion Invasion of Azeroth

With the Tribe newly founded, the small band of intrepid tribemates surged onwards to do what they could in support of the Suramar Insurrection, be it by supply runs or passing messages to intermediaries given their smaller numbers. Thankfully, the efforts of the Insurrection was successful and freed the Nightborne from the clutches of the Legion but the Legion itself never ceased as focus and attention was finally brought towards the Broken Shore.

The Armies of Legionfall was formed and with it, the goal to finally putting an end to the Legion's invasion, the full might of Azeroth focused on breaching the Tomb of Sargeras and closing the very portal that surged with the unending armies of the Burning Legion. The Tribe's growth was small given the potential of casualties and injuries, more focused on being a supportive group to the armies of Legionfall and doing what they could to aid in bringing the portal down.

After several weeks of assaults upon the Tomb of Sargeras, the Armies of Legionfall were successful in closing the portal but also successful in opening a portal to Argus, the central lynchpin of the Burning Legion and all of its armies.

The Tribe put forth efforts to send a contingent of its ranks to Argus, alongside supporting the Horde and its military with all kind of material goods and foodstuffs. All in an effort to support the effort to finish the fight against the Burning Legion.

In addition to this, the Tribe was 'stationed' officially within the city of Orgrimmar to facilitate various functions between the Tribe and the Horde, along with ensuring the city remains safeguarded in any event by the Legion.

BattleForAzeroth-Logo-Small.png The Fourth War

Despite the initial blows having come from the Alliance's SI:7, The War of the Thorns had unequivocally set the tone of the Horde being the aggressors in the Fourth War with the culmination having lead to the Burning of Teldrassil and the destruction of the Night Elven capital of Darnassus.

Just like that, any notion of Sylvanas being a good Warchief had taken a massive dive in the sheer destruction and horror she had ordered done, pushing the Horde firmly into the age-old concept that it once was, the old Orcish Horde. A sheer force of malevolent destruction that thrived in butchery and violence. This was not the Horde the Tribe had pledged Loyalty to, neither was it the Chieftain's having fought against Garrosh and his True Horde in the Darkspear Rebellion under Vol'jin.

Once more, the Chieftain pledged his and kin to rebellion but this time in secrecy given the tentative nature of the war. There were no allies to be had nor found in the Alliance, the Burning had closed that door to most rebels who were forced to remain within the confines of the Banshee Queen's machinations and 'Horde', secretly toiling in the background out of necessity to bring about her downfall. So too did the Tribe commit itself to such an effort, to the point that the Chieftain had started wearing more naval garb of a Pirate to announce his intent in rebelling against authority in blatant shadow of the Banshee Queen.

Their efforts lead to an increase in activity throughout the entirety of the Fourth War, however, just as fast as it increased the sheer exhaustion of the effort put into supporting the rebellion lead to several having to take a break even as the Rebellion was successful in bringing about the downfall of Sylvanas as a Warchief. The Fourth War, least for the Tribe, was over for now.

Despite the abrupt end of the Fourth War, the forces of the Old God N'zoth had come out in force to try and remake Azeroth. The Tribe was unable to participate much in this given the prior burnout, so their efforts was focused more on support and healing.

In the end, N'zoth was defeated and the world had entered a period of rising tension between the two factions.

Gameicon Shadowlands.png War Against the Jailer

The Tribe by this point had reached an effective decline in simple numbers due to exhaustion and burnout from it all, but in spite of it, the Tribe moved ever onwards to do what they could do to rebuild the Horde while the rest in the Ebon Blade and adventurers did what they could to assist the overall Covenants.

This lead to the overall founding of The Coalition of the Horde by the Chieftain alongside his fellow contemporaries, and then being shoved into the position of High Speaker. This overall new position lead to a slow burn rebuilding amidst the ruined husk that was the Horde in the aftermath of the Fourth War, eventually leading to a renewed Chieftain in the increasing tensions and sharp words from the Alliance, fast-tracking the Tribal expansion in terms of structure and effort. The foundation of the Tribe had been strenghtened and reinforced under the threat of Alliance aggression, pushing forwards with a new dawn of resurgence on the horizon.

Tribal Structure

See Main Article: Hearthstone Tribal Structure

At the top of the Tribal Leadership and serving as the chosen leader of the Tribe sits the Chieftain. The Chieftain is the supreme holder of power in the Tribe, the title representing the summit of the Hearthstone Leadership. The Chieftain has a wide range of powers, including the ability to sign treaties and declare war on other organizations. The Emperor reigns for life unless he/she steps down beforehand, and by some measure could be considered 'noble' by those races inclined to see such leadership as one.

Below the chieftain on the totem pole sits the Council of Elders. These are members of the Tribe who rose to prominence through hard work, dedication to the tribe, and exceptional skill in their area of expertise. The chieftain hand-picks each and every member of the council in recognition of their efforts to better the Tribe as a whole. Each elder is the master of one of the two paths, the ward and the vanguard. Each elder is tasked with administrating their respective path, no two elders share the same responsibilities and some administer the day to day running of the tribe’s various needs be they logistical or simply to find new members. Alongside their normal duties they act as advisors to the chieftain himself when he is faced with a decision affecting the health and wellbeing of the tribe.


The Hearthstone Tribe in the beginning only offered a simple path between a Guardian and Keeper. Those two paths were expanded upon, expanded wide to accommodate the needs and wants of the Tribal membership and their skills and talent, and that of the Horde's needs.

The Vanguard

Leader: TBD

The Vanguard is the military wing of the Hearthstone Tribe. It consists of four paths: Combatant, Ranger, Spellweaver, Specialist. Each of these serves the tribe as guardians, hunters, and operatives that keep the tribe safe from external threats. They train several times in a month, and in addition, there are several hunts organized. These brave souls guard the island camp and dispatch the tribe’s enemies. The Vanguard’s various paths are led by Blood Guardians who make up the “Guardian Council”.

Feather Symbology:

  • Melee: Two Axes facing opposite sides
  • Ranger: Arrow
  • Spellcaster: Staff
  • Specialist: Scope/Crosshair Scope

The Combatant

The Combatant is the path one takes within the Vanguard if they are more inclined in the martial side of things, specifically the melee variety. A Combatant is expected to be either be trained in axes, daggers, maces, polearms and swords or be willing to be trained in their use.

The Ranger

The Ranger is the path one takes within the Vanguard if they are more inclined in the martial side of things, specifically the ranged variety. A Ranger is expected to be either be trained in bows, crossbows or guns and some semblance of melee weaponry in the case of melee combat. In addition, a Ranger is to know scouting and hunting or willing to learn such.

The Spellweaver

The Spellweaver is the path one takes within the Vanguard if they are more inclined in the martial side of things, specifically the melee-ranged variety. A Spellweaver is expected to be either be trained a school of magic and in the use of staffs, staves, one-handed swords and daggers in the case of melee combat and rituals or be willing to be trained in the respective schools of magics of their choice.

The Specialist

The Specialist is the path one does not take but is chosen for if one is willing to step unto it. It is a path of hardship and pain to undergo the trials to be officially seen as a Specialist, the very elite of the Tribe's military forces.

The Wards

Leader: TBD

The Wards is the non-military wing of the Hearthstone Tribe. It consists of several sub-organizations: The Apothecarium, The Ardour Council, The Consortium, and the Repository. Each of these serves the tribe in their own unique ways, from healers and medics, to lore keepers and seers, to religious figures within the Tribe and the trades and craftsmen that continue the Tribe going forward. The Wards' various paths are led by High Keepers who make up the "Keeper's Circle".

Feather Symbology:

  • Apothecarium: Scroll + Red Cross
  • Ardour Council: TBD
  • Consortium: Scroll + Anvil (Grey)
  • Repository: Scroll + Quill (Teal + Black Outline)

The Apothecarium

Leader: TBD

The Apothecarium is the branch of the tribe that consists of healers and doctors whose main goal is the ultimate well-being of their fellow tribe members.

The Apothecarium is run by the Chief Medical Officer who is a tribal Elder or High Keeper and assisted by the Senior Medical Officer, who is a High Keeper or Keeper. The SMO is picked by the CMO from one of their existing staff of healers.

The bulk of the Apothecarium is made up of Doctors and other healers.

Finally, there are the apprentices or nurses. These are the as of yet unproven members of the medical staff. Either because they are inexperienced or have limited knowledge. They assist the other healers in whatever capacity they are comfortable with.

Medical Ranks
Chief Medical Officer: The boss of all things medical.
Senior Medical Officer: The second in command and the person in command when the Chief Medical Officer is unavailable.
Doctor/Healer/Medic: The rank and file medical officers of the tribe. This is the bulk of the people that make up the medical staff.
Apprentice/Nurse: The lowest rank within the apothecium, this is reserved for people who have yet to prove themselves as a healer.

The Ardour Council

The Ardor Council is formed by the religious leaders of the tribe working similarly to chaplains in the Alliance Military. They exist to minister to the faithful, listen to problems of a religious nature, and give advice on spiritual matters. They have no designated leader and are appointed at the pleasure of the chieftain. What they do have in common is that they are all pious individuals who are exemplars of their religion.

The Consortium

Leader: TBD

The Consortium is the branch of crafters, gatherers, and crafters all gathered together underneath the same umbrella organization. They support the tribe by creating what is needed to keep daily life on the island going and sell what they make in excess of that. The organization is led by a High Keeper whom all members of it report to.

The Repository

Leader: TBD

The Repository is the branch of the Tribe that keeps the history, traditions, and culture of the Tribe stored and safeguarded to ensure that the tribe will continue on the right path. This is the repository for years of wisdom, history, and culture, culled from the reports, treatises, and memoirs of the Tribe’s greatest warriors and finest minds. The organization is led by a High Keeper whom all members of it report to.


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