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Lord Hendrick Cobalstant, Undead Leader of the House of Cobalstant




Human (Undead)






Undead Lord of the Bite
Leader of House Cobalstant
Old Death


House Cobalstant
Kingdom of Gilneas (Formerly)




Maria Cobalstant (Wife, Deceased), Daniel Cobalstant (Son, Deceased), Countless descendants and distant relatives.

Lord Hendrick Cobalstant is an Undead Gilnean noble who was known for ruling the Ashen Coast from his seat of power in Bannhurst hundreds of years ago. Though ancient as he is, Hendrick was resurrected by desperate Forsaken soldiers during the Battle of the Bite, where the Forsaken had lost most of their forces to poor navigation and bad weather that caused their ships to crash upon the rocky reefs of the Bite of Gilneas. Hendrick has taken the role of the leader of the now undead House of Cobalstant that went defunct under the poor leadership of the last lord Balfred Cobalstant. Of the many undead that were raised in the enormous graveyard dedicated to the family and their men, Hendrick is the oldest known undead of the Cobalstant family that has retained his mind. Though House Cobalstant never had any interaction with House Grayblade in life, Lord Berenal Grayblade's killing of Hendrick's reanimated son, Daniel Cobalstant, has left Hendrick desiring the destruction of House Grayblade and all those affiliated, namely the Blades of Greymane.

Though his original ambitions only pertained to the Ashen Coast, which in his life he held a firm dominion over, Hendrick now believes that he is capable of conquering all of Gilneas under the banner of House Cobalstant and their new Forsaken allies. To this end, he's thrown his lot in with the Legion of Vengeance, whom he believes will make his goals possible. To this date, the Cobalstants hold a firm grasp on their ancestral burial grounds, where generations of nobles and their bannermen lay. Though the Forsaken have used Val'kyr to reanimate undead in order to produce thinking soldiers, Hendrick prefers to use dark magic akin to that of the Undead Scourge's methods of reanimation, leading to an army of mostly mindless ghouls.