Hethwood Bandit Clan
Crest of House Hethwood


Lord Artford Hethwood


To Protect, To Serve, To Represent

Guild Focus

Medium Roleplay, with a supportive community and lots of chances to promote the improvement of the Moon Guard Community


The Grand Alliance, The Kingdom of Stormwind


Active - Contact Artford In-game to join



In the Eastern Woods of Elwynn Forest, few Lords' hold claim - Yet always standing there has been the stalwart, magnificent, sometimes egotistical, Lord Artford Hethwood. Renowned through out Azeroth (the subcontinent referring to the southern portion of the lower half of the Eastern Kingdoms, not the World) as a Fencing champion, Artford has collected the strongest soldiers to enforce law in his Bandit-infested land...

But ask anyone familiar with Elwynn Lords', and you'll know the truth behind this claim. Though not officially seen as a criminal, Lord Hethwood is infamous for corruption. His 'guardsmen' are indistinguishable from the bandits he protects his people from, and the Lord has furnished them with heavy armor and weapons, along with their new 'duties'.

Hethwood is not afraid to use these men for violence against his peers - to him, everyone is either on, or below, his level of importance - and he sends his men out to beat debtors, criminals, bishops, priests, guardsmen, snooping citizens, snitches... In short, anyone he thinks can threaten or stop his power from expanding.

All of these are rumors, of course, and there is not enough evidence to prove he is responsible. But there's so much room for suspicion, one might not understand how he hasn't been hung yet.

His brother, leader of a Bandit Gang in the Forest, was slain years ago to collect bounty. (Motive, check!)

In the past few months, he's been gathering resources and men to help solidify his power Northeast of Stone Cairn Lake - a call to arms to protect the land nearby, not the land far off, say he. Were one to find him in the Cathedral, or the Recluse, or really anywhere in Stormwind, a quick, hushed conversation and an identity check are all that stand between you and the suspiciously high pay of a simple patrolman.