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High King Maulgar is the reigning king of Ogres in Outland. Born to the Bladespire Clan, Maulgar rose to power before the invasion of Outland by slaying the previous ruler as a proof of his strength. Maulgar has ever since ruled over the Ogres of Outland with an iron fist and ruthless cunning, despite numerous attempts on his life.


The Bladespire clan was once among the weakest ogre clans in Outland, lacking the sheer numbers of the Bloodmaul or the physical strength of the Boulderfist. The birth of Maulgar changed their fate forever. As an Ogre Lord, Maulgar was born stronger and hardier than any other ogre of his generation. As he came of age, Maulgar won battle after battle for his clan, reversing the fortunes of his people and winning him great acclaim. Maulgar reveled in the glory and power his victory earned him, and his prowess in battle swiftly drew the attention of the ogre high king. The Boulderfist king demanded a demonstration of Maulgar's might, and Maulgar swiftly granted it, snapping the king’s neck where he stood. This action shifted the balance of power from the Boulderfist to the Bladespire, and drew the attention of the mighty Gronn father Gruul himself.

With the strength and cunning of the young Ogre Lord on full display, Gruul offered Maulgar the position of King to rule the Ogre clans in his name. Ever hungry for more power, Maulgar accepted. Fanatically loyal to the gronn, Maulgar served as Gruul’s right hand and the guardian of the gronn lord’s lair. Maulgar surrounded himself with only the most powerful Magi of his clan and leads these elite few into battle, commanding them to augment his tremendous fighting abilities with their potent magic. With such powerful allies at his side and the rest of the Bladespire clan at his command, Maulgar became by far the most dangerous ogre in all of Outland.

Maulgar's rise to power did not go unnoticed or uncontested by the other Ogres in the region, however. In particular, the Ogri'la clan, who sought to end the dominating control of the Gronn over the Ogres and embrace an enlightened future, loathed Maulgar as a puppet of Gruul. The ogres of Ogri'la launched a campaign against the sons of Gruul to free the ogre clans from the tyranny of the Gronn, who forced them into battle every day for war, for sport, or simply their amusement. This culminated in an attack on Gruul's very lair, where the ogre High King fought to defend his Gronn master.

Although Gruul the Dragonkiller was slain in his own den, Maulgar managed to survive the attack and maintain his title as king. With the Gronn dead and the forces of Azeroth retreating back through the Dark Portal to continue their campaigns away from Outland, an unusual calm befell the Blade's Edge Mountains for the first time in their history. Maulgar may have grown less impetuous in his later years, as he no longer yearns to wade into battle alongside his clan, but he is no less thirsty for blood. Now he rules his domain from his personal seat at the Circle of Blood, content to encourage others to kill each other instead.