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The Highguard
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33 L.C.


Aeriyth Dawnsorrow

Leadership Core

Lynnesta Val'kirn
Cyonos Swiftarrow
Vaessina Lae'shalar
Dal'itha Lightblade
Binor Dungalion
Vor'taria Ara'lith
Era Dawnsorrow
Kailinas Highsun
Sabariel Dawnbreaker

Standing Force

427 Soldiers
4 Glaive Throwers
5 ships
12 Spellistae


House Swiftarrow
House of Morgan (Tirisfal Glades)
Argent Onslaught
Blazing Dawn
Dor Serrar
Shadowtalon Company
Magus Senate of Dalaran
Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas
The Citrine Eagle
Blades of Greymane
Diocese of Quel'Danas
The First Regiment
Stormwind Circle of Magi
Curators of Thalassian Culture
The Lightsworn Vanguard


Allerian Colony, Suramar (DEPLOYED)
Draenor: The Silver Redoubt
Mainland FOB: Quel'Danil Lodge

"Our mission is simple; To prove the worth of our people and carve out our place within the Alliance. Fight the racism, the bigotry and the hatred - We are stronger unified, under a single banner with our purpose clear. We are the blue and gold of Quel'Thalas, and we look after Thalassian interests throughout Azeroth. "

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The Statement

The Silver Highguard had undergone many a change and adopted a sigil under the new name of The Highguard. A drastic change of mission and ideals, they acted primarily as an elite para-militant fighting force and embassy, welcoming all of elven descent, along with the various races that compose their allies. The Highguard shared the same mandate as the Farstriders, which is to look out for Thalassian interests in the Alliance.

Present Deployment

The Highguard is presently deployed to Camp Windrunner, Suramar, where the Ranger General has answered Archmage Khadgar's call to arms.

Divisions of the Silver Covenant

812th Farstrider Battalion

They were almost completely eradicated, until Ranger Lady Aeriyth Dawnsorrow rebuilt it under the banner of the Silver Covenant. Composed of the Spellbows, Farstriders, Rangers, Sharpshooters and Outrunners, the 812th Battalion is the be-all end-all of Thalassian expertise in boots-on-the-ground operations under cover of absolutely whenever.

Symbol: Rank: Description:
RangerLord1.png Ranger Lord/Lady The highest attainable rank within the Farstriders, directly below Ranger General which is held by Vereesa Windrunner. The station is currently filled by Aeriyth Dawnsorrow.
RangerCaptain.png Ranger Captain Ranger Captains are the go-between for the lower ranks, and the Ranger Lord/Lady's orders. They are a valiantly proven addition to the 812th, masters of all that make a Ranger great.
HighguardCaptain.png Captain The rank of Captain is one achieved by those Lieutenants skilled enough to be groomed for the ascent to Ranger Captain. Captains work closely with a Ranger Captain in managing the Battalion.
Lieutenant812.png Lieutenant Lieutenants are proven, veteran Farstriders that aspire towards the career path towards Ranger Lord or Ranger Lady.
Farstrider.png Farstrider Not all Rangers turn out capable of becoming a Farstriders. Farstriders are the elite amongst the Thalassian ranger corps, their training going far beyond what would be expected. With this, they are amazingly versatile agents and marksmen.
Ranger812.png Ranger New additions to the 812th are not immediately given the rank of Ranger. Instead, they must prove they know the basics of the corps and command.
Symbol: Rank: Description:
ScoutCaptain.png Scout Captain The Scout Captain holds the proverbial gavel in final decisions concerning the Outrunner division. This rank entrusts the responsibility for the safety of all operatives and the security of confidential information acquired through the ranks. Amongst the leadership of the 812th Battalion, the Scout-Captain upholds the duties of surveillance and intelligence. The station is currently filled by Era Dawnsorrow.
Scoutlieutenant.png Scout Lieutenant As the officer rank of the Outrunners, the Scout-Lieutenants are privy to withheld information and hold authority over all lower divisions. They are responsible for the execution and success of missions. Considered the elite of the elite, these individuals are notoriously crafty at their trade and will sooner be dismissed or killed before revealing the secrets of the Highguard. This station is held by Gaelyn Blackblade, Malithanore Vanyali, and Ylandra Dawnsreach.
Pathstalker812.png Pathstalker The Pathstalker title is achieved after an outrunner has proved themselves worthy of championing their division’s testaments. Widely referred to as veterans, these noteworthy individuals have achieved specialization in one or more branches of the Outrunners. Their dedication and devotion makes them a force of reckoning; they are not to be taken lightly.
Outrunner812.png Outrunner The Outrunner rank is the bread and butter of the division, and is without a doubt prestigious in its own right. Despised by their enemies for their agility and evasion, able to weave through a battlefield or glide across treacherous terrain. Skilled in both combat and covert operations, they are usually last in recognition amongst the vanguards, battlemagi and medics. But while our allies are quick to dismiss our influence - our enemies are not so forgetful.
Courier812.png Courier Couriers have proven themselves as trusted members of the Outrunners and find themselves with quite a few more responsibilities than their previous rank. They have shown consistent respect for the leadership and other scouts, while also displaying a genuine ambition to becoming a fully-fledged Outrunner.
Scout812.png Scout The lowest rung on the Outrunner ladder, Scouts are a vital step in the process of ranking. At this rank, scouts are under heavy scrutiny for their actions and are expected to perform well-enough both in missions and the Highguard’s other divisions’ activities.

The Battlemage Corps

While they may no longer have all the nobility and political power they held in ancient times, the Battlemagi of the Highguard are focused equal parts on research and military prowess. Their weapons and gear are vastly customizable to fit the style of casting and schools of the individual, yet a common sight among them is the lack of a robe to hinder movement, a sword of pure arcane energy in one hand and a channelling staff in the other. Some focus entirely on conjured blades and close-quarters magical combat, they are known as Spellblades.

The governing body of the Highguard’s Magi is the Warmage and her ministers. Each Minister is a master of a single school above all else, but is also a teacher and second in command. There are several ministers active, but the Warmage may create more when needed. They share their power through a magical network to lend each other their prowess when needed.

Symbol: Rank: Description:
Warmagus.png Warmagus The paramount of Battlemagi, mastery of many, if not all tricks and cantrips of magic is required to ascend to this position. The current Warmagus is Dal'itha Manawhisper.
Minister.png Minister Ministers are those that have completely mastered a specific school of magic above all others, and serves directly under the Warmagus.
Magister.png Magister/Magistrix A Magister's primary duty is to train an apprentice in the ways of magic, giving them basic knowledge of at the very least four schools. (More are always appreciated.) They must mentor them in the proper use of magic, and the proper control required for a magic user.
Arcanist.png Arcanist The position of Arcanist is reserved for those who have successfully completed their apprenticeship beneath a Magister or Magistrix.
BattlemageHG1.png Battlemagi Battlemagi are those that have not only begun their apprenticeship within the Corps, but have shown enough prowess in their field to take responsible command in combat situations.
InitiateHG.png Initiate Although it is the lowest on the chain of command, the Initiate position is still a necessary force within the Battlemage Corps. Initiates are those who have completed their interview with the Warmagus, and have been pointed along the path of apprenticeship.

The Spellbreakers

The cunning elven spell breakers, or spellbreakers, have mastered the arts of spellcraft to such a degree that they have become immune to the effects of even the most powerful magics. Coupled with their fierce combat skills, their spell immunity makes them implacable foes when facing magic-wielding enemies. However, the spell breakers' most astonishing ability is to actually steal their enemies' beneficial enchantments and grant them to their own comrades. This uncanny ability has turned the tide of more than one battle in the elves' favor.

Symbol: Rank: Description:
MasterAtArms.png Master-At-Arms The Master-At-Arms is the top rank within the Spellbreaker Division. They are in charge of organizing Spellbreaker training, as well as Thalassian military formations training. The duty carries with it the responsibility of crafting and repairing the traditional Elven equipment carried by all other Spellbreakers. The Master-At-Arms holds command over the entire Spellbreaker Division, only answering to the highest ranking leaders within the Silver Covenant. They also handle all paperwork involved with new Initiates, as well as the paperwork for requisitioning the materials necessary for crafting Spellbreaker gear. Vaessina Lae'shalar is the presiding Master-At-Arms.
SBChampion.png Champion This title is given to the most experienced and skillful Spellbreaker under the Master-At-Arms among the Spellbreaker Division, often tasked with assisting the Master-At-Arms in setting and reaching the Spellbreaker Division’s various goals. This includes occasionally aiding in teaching through sparring and participating in the most dangerous of operations. The Champion has official authority in commanding the Spellbreaker Division in the Captain’s absence, and is automatically promoted to the rank of Master-At-Arms temporarily if the Master-At-Arms is incapacitated, or permanently if the Master-At-Arms perishes.
GoldenGlaive.png Golden Glaive The most Elite among the Spellbreaker Division are known as the Golden Glaives. Upon attaining this rank, each Golden Glaive has their weapon enhanced even further. The hilts of these Glaives have a decorative layer of gold, with enchanted sapphire stones set within the hilt to further enhance the capabilities of the Spellbreaker. The blades themselves are replaced with mithril.Golden Glaives are given the freedom to assist in nearly any threat without the need to ask for permission. Golden Glaives can be given command to lead a small detachment of Spellbreakers, or supervise a Grey Glaive/Initiate in battle. Golden Glaives may act alone or with others, and may periodically challenge the Champion for the rank of Champion.
SilverGlaive.png Silver Glaive Silver Spellbreakers are full-fledged Spellbreakers who have completed their training. This rank is automatically granted to any new Spellbreaker to the Division who can prove they received complete Spellbreaker training long before the Second War, and can prove their competence as a Spellbreaker.
Trainee.png Trainee Also known as Grey Glaives; official trainees who have committed to and aspire to one day becoming a Spellbreaker. Initiates advance to this rank once they have proven themselves through attending a sufficient amount of training sessions. Grey Glaives are not allowed to enter dangerous environments alone unless given the express approval of a ranking Silver Covenant Officer or our Alar’ashisore (Ranger-Lady) herself.
Initiate.png Initiate Initiates are the newest members to the Division, often given their armour from day one so that they might be given the most time to adjust to it. In time, they also receive their Tower-Shield. Initiates must be granted approval from a ranking Officer within the Highguard to participate in battle, and must be constantly supervised. They are not allowed to go off to battle alone under any circumstances.

Mercy Sect

They are first and foremost the medical division of the Highguard. However, their operations and functions extend beyond their duties within the elven military organization they are a part of. Comprised of Silver Hand Paladins, Church of the Holy Light Clerics and Priests, trained monks, and even Everwardens, this multi-class division of doctors, medics, first responders and healers work in conjunction with the Highguard to support its operations. Each individual member of Mercy provides their services to the Division on top of their civil duties to the Alliance. Our members are medical doctors, combat medics, battle clerics and priests all assigned and loyal to the armies of the Alliance.

Symbol: Rank: Description:
ClericGeneral.png Cleric-General The Cleric-General is the head of Mercy Sect. They are responsible for all of Mercy, and make the policy and delegate said policy to the Chief to enforce. They have the final authority on Medical Leave and Leave of Absences, and are also responsible for reviewing action and field reports of the Mercy Section’s duties. The current Cleric-General is Kailinas Highsun.
ChiefMedicalOfficer.png Chief Medical Officer The second in command of the Mercy section is the Chief Medical Officer, otherwise known as Chief. They are in charge of handling medical emergencies, including delegating to the Medical Officers their duties. They are ultimately in charge of the clinic. If the Cleric General is unable to perform their responsibilities, it is up to the Chief Medical Officer to uphold the Cleric General’s responsibilities.
FirstClass.png Medical Officer First Class These internal officers oversee and support the core of Mercy. They are gifted in their chosen specialty and can aid in educating and or training the MO2’s that work with them. These Medical professionals have proven themselves capable Medical Officers and have been selected by the Cleric General to be leaders within Mercy. They both man the clinics and field hospitals and also assist the Medical Officers as needed.
SecondClass.png Medical Officer Second Class The core of Mercy’s medical practitioners, these Officers have proven their ability to adapt and overcome challenges in a medical emergency situation. They have proven to their superiors that they can use the triage system effectively, that they are proficient in both the fundamental five, their weapons, and armor as needed. They have the trust of their superiors and are able to man the clinics and field hospitals on their own. These officers will also choose a specialty to focus on or refocus on an already chosen specialty. At which point they will be up for selection to be promoted to Medical Officer 1st class.
ThirdClass.png Medical Officer Third Class Mercy’s first level of fully fledged Medical practitioners, these Medical Officers will advance their initial training by actively serving in a clinic or in the field in order to learn how to properly use their skills in a working medical facility or in a field exercise. They will also be introduced to armor and weapons as well as the respective skills needed to wield said armaments. Upon demonstrating their knowledge of the requirements for Phase One training they will be promoted to Medical Officer 2nd Class.
Intern.png Intern Not yet proven in the medical field, Interns are interested in learning. Interns accompany Medical Officers to low-risk sites to get a feel for things before being thrown into more active warzones.

Silver Covenant Navy

The Highguard Navy serves the roles of maritime interception, troop transportation, coastal patrol, and amphibious assault gunfire support. While the fleet is small, it is comprised of a variety of different ship classes and hulls that are necessary to allow the Highguard to maintain a suitable strategic readiness. From the waters of Quel’Thalas to the uncharted seas of Draenor, the Highguard Navy has served crucial roles in numerous campaigns; the most notable and recent of which being the assault on Tanaan Jungle and then support of the following Tanaan campaign effort.

Symbol: Rank: Description:
LordAdmiral.png Lord-Admiral The commanding officer of the Highguard navy, which answers to the Ranger Lord/Lady of the Highguard. The current Lord-Admiral is Binor Dungalion.
FirstMate.png First Mate The second-in-command of any vessel of the Highguard fleet, the First Mate supports the captain in all duties, and focuses on maintaining good order and discipline within the crew, as well as personally ensuring the captain’s orders are carried out.
NavyLieutenant.png Lieutenant A member of the wardroom (ship’s officer corps). The Lieutenant supports the captain and first mate and carries out their orders. When needed, they can take direct charge over a crewmember or group of crewmembers to carry out a specific task onboard.
PettyOfficer.png Petty Officer This rank is earned only by experienced members of the Highguard who have proven their discipline and seaworthiness over a long time. The Petty Officer supports the officers and carries out their orders, as well as ensuring the lower enlisted ranks do the same.
GunnersMate.png Gunner's Mate A senior member of the crew, the Gunner's Mate has learned extensively the seafaring art, and is skilled at accomplishing all tasks required onboard: to include maintenance, navigation, and combat. They answer to all superior ranks, and assists lower ranks in their training.
BoatswainsMate.png Boatswain's Mate The Boatswain's Mate is a junior member of the crew that has proven capable of learning the vital parts of manning a ship at sea: to include maintenance and navigation. They are in training to master combat, and answer to all superior ranks, and assists sailors and deckhands in their training.
Sailor.png Sailor Sailors have been proven capable of performing basic maintenance and repairs while onboard, and are in training to learn combat and master navigation. They answer to all superior ranks, and assists deckhands in their training.
Deckhand.png Deckhand Deckhands are fresh recruits to the Highguard fleet, and can be assumed to hold no prior seafaring knowledge. They are in training to learn maintenance, navigation, and combat, and answer to all superior ranks.

Silver Covenant Air Group

In the golden age of Quel'Thalas, the high elves rode majestic beasts known as Dragonhawks. Hailed as Azeroth's most fearsome predator, dragonhawks are native to the Highguard's former homeland, but are now harder and harder to come by. Because of this, the Silver Covenant Air Group is made up of remaining Dragonhawk Riders of old, and new Hippogryff specialists. The Air Group and the Navy work closely with one another, lead by a CAG.

Symbol: Rank: Description:
CAG.png CAG Otherwise known as Commander (of the) Air Group, the CAG is responsible for overseeing the readiness of the Air Group and leading in operations. This rank is presently held by Vor'taria Ara'lith.
SkyLieutenant.png Sky Lieutenant They are officers, proven in the skies and can be assigned a Squadron by the CAG to oversee for specific purposes.
Dragoon.png Dragoon One rank up from the regular rank-and-file Skyguard, Dragoons are experienced flyers and can lead a section of a Squadron at the Sky Lieutenant's request for side objectives and recon operations.
Skyguard.png Skyguard Not quite as experienced as a Dragoon but still better than a Trainee, the Skyguard forms the majority of the Air Group. Also known as 'getting your wings', the winged insignia clears you for active duty in the sky.
SkyTrainee.png Trainee Trainees are the entry-level rank for the Air Group.

Thalassian Academy of War

An amalgamation of the various Academies, Universities, Think-Tanks and scholastic accords that trained and educated the high elves in times of yore, but with focus on applying the knowledge to war-time scenarios. Within the Academy of War is the Farstrider Academy of the Alliance, Highguard Magi Circle, the resident MagiTech engineers, and a growing Bio-Engineering group of Botanists. The Academy of War is designed to train the next generation of high elven defenders, as well as studying and evolving with the tides of modern-day war.

Symbol: Rank: Description:
HighBotanist.png High Botanist The current High Botanist is Elyvica Shadebloom.
Botanist.png Botanist Standard members of the Botany program.
MagiTech Engineers
Symbol: Rank: Description:
MasterEngineer.png Master Engineer The current Master Engineer is Miralyne Valetender.
HGEngineer.png Engineer Standard members of the MagiTech Engineering program.

Affiliated Internal Branches

The Highguard is first and foremost, a branch of the Silver Covenant. While the Silver Covenant fights to protect elven interests with militant magics, there are civilian efforts for the continuation of the high elven race as well. However, those enlisted within the Silver Covenant's ranks are also allowed to aid the civilian branches.

Curators of Thalassian Culture

With the wide-spread desire to establish a new home, the Curators have evolved in purpose; Thalassian Culture must not just be preserved, but repaired and restarted if there is any hope for a nation reborn. It is not a technical, enlisted branch of the Silver Covenant, but many of the Curators' are enlisted with other divisions, and as research often leads to dangerous places, they do have combat ready units, especially given matters in Suramar.

The Curators are at heart a civilian organization though, and play an important role in archiving, preserving and continuing the High Elven culture. Current efforts are of a more operational nature with work in and around Suramar City, where prior research of elven linguistics and bloodlines has proven useful in building relations with the Shal'dorei.

Ancient Highborne relics of Eldre'Thalassian or Suramarian origin are also of interest, as a part of the race's complete history. They are scholars, librarians, artists, poets, historians and archaeologists. The Curators work hands-on to progress Convocation projects such as the Thalassian Cultural Center and should matters regarding settlement in Suramar fare well, have much work ahead of them in fostering civil society and creating the true home long sought, not simply a place to live.

Symbol: Rank: Description:
HeadCurator.png Lord/Lady Curator The Lord or Lady Curator is in charge of overseeing all progresses made within the Curators, as well as administrative tasks with public works projects and arranging excavations. This station is currently held by Seriphene Silverfall.
ChiefArchivist.png Chief Archivist The Chief Archivist keeps records on recoveries, dig sites and organises finds within a safe vault in Dalaran. The Chief Archivist is personally responsible for every item within the curated collection.
ExhibitDirector.png Exhibit Director Exhibit Directors are officials on Thalassian Culture, commonly taking one facet such as the arts, magics and sculpture to expand upon and make public for education and conservation purposes.
ResearchAide.png Research Aide Aides routinely assist the sub-division when it comes to in-depth research on finds and sites. Their passion lies in deciphering and decrypting the relics uncovered to unlock the wisdom and heritage thought lost in the Fall.
Archaeologist.png Archaeologist With a passion for exploring and hands-on discovery, the archaeologists are the backbone of the Curators. They are not afraid to get down int he dirt and spend days on a dig, if it means a chance at preserving their heritage.
Curatorbadge.png Curator Regular curators simply aid all of the above, until proving themselves worthy of advancement in the field.

Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas

The Chapter of Quel'Thalas represents those who did not lose faith during the sacking of their city, and refused both the path of the Blood Knight and the taint of demonic energy. Those of the Chapter follow what was brought to their Kingdom by dignitaries from Lordaeron and do not waver on the path that Saint Faol set when he established the Clerics of Northshire. Their education and upbringing within the Order of the Silver Hand is strict to the Orthodox teachings of Saint Faol, and despite any 'racial barriers' that members of the Alliance believe are in-place, strive to and have succeeded in forming very strong bonds of brotherhood with the other chapters.

Symbol: Rank: Description:
SHCOQTChapMas.png Chapter Master Sir Lysander Reinhart oversees the Chapter and aids with administration, but the decisions on the Order are made by the body of Knights that resides within it. The Chapter Master does not hold a vote unless a tiebreaker is needed.
SHCOQTKnight.png Knight Knights are the primary body of the Silver Hand’s leadership, a community effort at a round table that focuses on the upbringing of the next generation along the Three Virtues, over politics.
SHCOQTSquire.png Squire Squires accompany a Knight in battle, shedding the robes of Aspirancy for training in the martial aspects of life, and defending the Faithful. They are very much still students, but not in the way Aspirants are.
SHCOQTAspirant.png Aspirant Aspirants are new to the Order of the Silver Hand, and spend their time diligently seeking, absorbing the knowledge of those great in the Light before us. They are not yet ready to Squire to a Knight, and follow the path of the studious Clerics of Northshire.
EducatorKnight.png Order Lector Order Lectors are in charge of the education that Squires and Aspirants receive at large, and are responsible for coordinating with the Quel’Danas clergy, arranging lessons, administering rites and playing a part in ceremonies.

Diocese of Quel'Danas

Under new administration, the Church of the Holy Light allowed for the reconstruction of the Diocese of Quel'Danas. Creating a point of relief for the Quel’dorei people of the Alliance, allowing them to safely venture outwards to their former Kingdom and Holy Land. The Diocese has been established to return the High Elves to the sense of their own religious, cultural identity, and with it; much needed spiritual nourishment. Even Half-Elves have found a place to explore the wonderment of their heritage, even if their access to the Sunwell is unclear at best.

Symbol: Rank: Description:
Bishop.png Bishop The primary spiritual leader of the Diocese of Quel’Danas, the Bishop of Quel’Danas is tasked with maintaining the articles of faith, as well as; prioritizing spiritual guidance amongst the faithful. The Ordinary of Quel’Danas is presently Bellaria Sunrose.
AuxiliaryBishop.png Auxiliary Bishop The secondary spiritual leader of the Diocese of Quel’Danas, the Auxiliary Bishop of Quel’Danas is tasked with Church administration, as well as; prioritizing education and direction of the Ordinates of the Church of the Holy Light. The Auxiliary Ordinary is presently Fiona Vynam.
High Priest.png High Priest The High Priest of the Faith serves as leaders in education and spirtual-guidance. These men and women train tomorrow’s Clerics, while also guiding the Partisans in their spiritual journey.
Priest.png Priest The Priests of the Faith are shepherds of common. In their journey of spiritual enlightenment these men and women guide their flock in the word of the Light. To become a Priest is considered one of the hardest and honorable paths a cleric can travel down.
Deacon.png Deacon The Deacon of the Faith are assistants of the Parish. Their purpose is to assist the Priests and High Priests in Liturgy by reading from the sacred texts or assisting in specific rites. To become a Deacon is like a stepping stone to your Ordination of Priesthood.
Lay-Priest.png Lay-Priest The Lay-Priest is a sworn member of the Church of the Holy Light who has given their worldly goods to live a pious life. Many Lay-Priests continue to live pious lives as just a Lay-Priest of the Diocese, but often some continue with aspirations of Ordination or Knighthood.


The Hellguard is the division that carries out problems demonic in nature. While it also serves as a way for Dark Path demon hunters to serve the Silver Covenant, even if the Silver Covenant is hesitant in using them. With the battles against the Legion, their usefulness is demonstrated in defeating strong foes of strategic importance in areas, to allow the Quel'dorei Suramar campaign to remain focused. The Hellguard is led by the Huntmaster, or unofficially The Dark Hunter.


Rank: Description:
Huntmaster The position of Huntmaster in the Hellguard is the highest possible rank for one to achieve. The Huntmaster controls the Illidari and rules over the rest of the Order, underneath Alar'ashisore Dawnsorrow herself. This position is held by Lady Sabariel Greenwood. The Unofficial title is Dark Hunter.
Captain The position of Captain in the Hellguard is the second highest rank, acting as an adviser and second-in-command to the Huntmaster. The Captain is able to accompany an Illidari Demon Hunters and lead the lower ranks. The Unofficial title is Hand of the Dark Hunter and is currently held by Alenore Fayesong.
Warden The Wardens in the Hellguard is the third highest rank. This rank is the lowest rank that is allowed to accompany an Illidari Demon Hunter, however there must be two Wardens present per Illidari member, unless the Warden is an Illidari Hunter.
Guardian The Guardians make up majority of the Highguard's demon-combative force. This is a standard force and is the core of the Hellguard, much like the rangers as the core of the Farstriders.
Hellblade The Initiate rank for the Dark Path Demon Hunters, effectively the same as Initiate except no education or trial is completed, they gain their next rank by showing their competence and their loyalty to the cause.
Charge The Charge rank are the new-blood of the Hellguard, having not gone through any education or trials to allow them to the next rank. Dark Path Demon Hunters do not apply to this rank as they are proof enough that they know how to fight the Legion.

Sun Knight Order

The Sun Knight Order is a Quel'dorei religious and military sect centered around the Sunwell and might of Belore as the center of faith and spiritual life. Comprising largely of Quel'dorei Sun Knights and Sun Priests, Sun Knights and Priests channel the Sunwell's combination of divine and arcane magics, as well as solar energy in a manner similar to the Sunwalkers of An'she. They are however, first and foremost sworn to the Sunwell which both empowers them and guides their ways, as do Quel'dorei traditions once widely revered under the pre-invasion priesthood of High Priest Vandellor. Contrary to popular belief, the Sun Knights and the Silver Hand of Quel'Thalas have great respect for one another's chosen duties. While Belore plays an important cultural role for the Silver Hand, their duties lie with the Three Virtues and the Light. The Sun Knights understand the need for balance, and both orders are tended to spiritually by the Diocese.


The Silver Highguard was a cadre of elite High Elves and humans formed by Aeriyth that serve two purposes; The protection detail for the Ranger Lady's family and her person at diplomatic functions, and a wartime Church-loyal force that exists on the front lines of engagements. The Highguard, on occasion, has been known to act as entourage for  high-value figures with the Ranger Lady among them, most noted is the Bishop Val'cari, serving as his personal guard for church functions if the need arises.

Rank badges were made by the lovely and talented Aellandeil, owner and proprietor of Thalassian Couture.