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The Highguard
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High King Anduin Wrynn


To protect and serve the High King on any of his ventures.


High King Anduin Wrynn
Kingdom of Stormwind
Grand Alliance
House of Wrynn


Stormwind Keep

The Highguard is an elite group of soldiers under direct service of High King Anduin Wrynn, leader of the Grand Alliance. Their inner workings are mostly unknown as the group operates outside of any jurisdiction other than King Anduin himself. Differentiated from the standard Royal Guard, the Highguard is a group of elite trusted and reportedly handpicked soldiers that are tasked with guarding the king in hostile environments as well as during his day to day operations.

To become a member of the Highguard is reported to be of the highest honor, as these warriors are the trusted protectors of the House of Wrynn and are sworn to fight to the very end to ensure that the King and his kin survive. They have been witnessed in multiple operations such as during the retaking of Ironforge from Queen-Regent Moira prior to her proper induction into the Alliance and most notably during the Siege of Orgrimmar where two of High King Varian Wrynn's most trusted Highguards, Kailus and Tyrius, helped lead the charge alongside the king to capture Bladefist Bay from the True Horde.

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