Holy Light
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A human paladin protecting his allies with the light by Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai


Holy Magic, Holy Light, Divinemancy, Holy Flame


Naaru & Elune (Mortal Use)


Entirely legal

The Holy Light, also known as simply the Light, is a powerful entity and plane existing outside of reality. The Light's power is wielded by mortals via holy magic, and is worshipped in various forms throughout multiple worlds.

Some regard the Light as a divinity, but this is debated by a number of other religions, and by some followers of the Light. The Light is broadly acknowledged but not necessarily considered a deity. Such groups instead tend to perceive of it as a dispersed, omnipresent force rather than a concrete, individual being.

The Light is venerated as the seminal focus for a family of related religions among the peoples of the Eastern Kingdoms and the draenei exiles. The Church of the Holy Light along with the society of the draenei believe that the Light is ever-capable of rewarding virtue by way of a perfect afterlife and punishing the wicked with a miserable one.

The Holy Light is considered the opposite of the Void. While the Void encourages freedom but revolves around negative feelings, the Light brings about positivity and seeks discipline. Despite this, however, neither the Light or Void are "good" or "evil."

History Edit

Before the beginning of time, two pools of energy existed: the Light, one of living energy, and the Void, one that devoured energy for itself. When the Void grew larger, it enveloped the Light which caused an explosion as the two powers collided. Thus formed the known universe, with the Light and Void existing outside of reality on the edges of the Twisting Nether, another plane created by the explosion made of chaotic energies which overlaps the mortal plane.

Identity Edit

According the the Summa Luxologica, one of countless authoritative philosophical texts by the Church of the Holy Light

"...The Holy Light [is] worthy of worship, and is neither philosophy nor faith itself nor a magic nor a god. Tthe Holy Light] has all power, and cannot but be the ultimate source of our blessings. Further, it is the reason that governs the universe, and is as such the ultimate truth, toward the comprehension of which which all philosophy ultimately aims.
Worship of the Holy Light in the Church of the Holy Light is done through ritual and actions of good will. The Holy Light is said to be linked mysteriously with creation, and acts of good will intimately affect communion with the Light.
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