Hooked on Phoenix was the flagship project that made its debut with the Convocation of Silvermoon (Reformed). Its purpose is to teach high elves and half-elves the Thalassian language, culture, and history. A placement test is administered to determine which level the student fits within.

Available Courses

Reading Comprehension I

  • What's in an apostrophe?
  • How to read conjoined words
  • Identifying written nouns
  • Grammar introduction

Reading Comprehension II

  • Identifying context
  • Identifying cues to infer social relationships
  • Grammar II

Writing Thalassian

  • When to use an apostrophe
  • Breaking down phrases
  • Linking with "and", "or", "but", "with".
  • Grammar III

Writing Thalassian II

  • Writing formal letters
  • Writing informal letters
  • Reading comprehension essay

Introduction to Thalassian Speech

  • Starter words and pronunciation
  • Pronouncing nouns
  • Identifying nouns
  • Asking questions
  • Reading Thalassian out loud

Thalassian Speech II

  • Joining verbs to nouns
  • Linking with "and", "or", "but", "with".
  • Identifying linguistic cues to infer social relationships
  • Addressing your elders 
  • Addressing familiar immediate family

Thalassian Speech III

  • Conversation basics
  • Recognising intonation and auditory cues
  • Translating Common speech into Thalassian
  • Translating Thalassian speech into Common

Introduction to Elven History

  • Trolls and the Night Elves
  • The basics of magic
  • The Well of Eternity and the Highborne Evolution
  • Queen Azshara and the Highborne Culture
  • Presentation on the above, in Thalassian.

Elven History II

  • War of the Ancients and the Sundering
  • Ashenvale's Folly
  • Exile of the Highborne
  • The Tirisfal incident
  • Addiction to magic and why
  • Presentation on the above, in Thalassian.

Elven History III

  • The founding of Quel'Thalas
  • What even are Runestones?
  • The Amani Tribe and Zul Aman
  • The Sunwell
  • The Troll War and Arathi Humans
  • Evolution with Lordaeron and Dalaran
  • Thalassian military
  • Eversong Burns in the Second War
  • The Windrunners
  • Presentation on the above, in Thalassian.

Elven History IV

  • How Arthas ruined everything, 
  • Blood Knights, addiction and the Wretched
  • The Sin'dorei and their blue eyes
  • Illidan's promise and the confrontation in Icecrown
  • What the fel is, and how it ruined everything else
  • Exile of the High Elves
  • The Shattered Sun Offensive and the Fall of Kael'thas
  • Taking back the Sunwell from Kil'Jaden
  • Presentation on the above, in Thalassian.

Elven History V

  • Dalaran blasts off to Northrend
  • The Silver Covenant and the Sunreavers
  • Fall of the Lich King
  • How Deathwing ruined everything for the other races but we weren't involved much with all of that
  • Theramore's demise and the Dalaran Purge
  • The Isle of Thunder
  • Siege of Orgrimmar and the founding of the Highguard
  • Presentation on the above, in Thalassian.
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