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The Horde Guild List will serve as a more-detailed reference when browsing Horde Guilds on Moon Guard server. Any guild on or involved with Moon Guard server can add themselves to this listing - past or present.

  • If your guild applies to multiple categories, you may add your guild to all categories that apply. Please try to be specific with your categorization!
  • Please add an (Active), (Inactive) or (Disbanded) tag to any guild you add to this listing. Such will be edited as needed to aid those looking for a guild.

National/Racial Guilds

Orc and Orgrimmar Guilds

<Thunderroar Warband> (Hiatus)

Tauren and Thunder Bluff Guilds

<Stonewind Tribe> (Active)

<Anohe Eche (Inactive)

Troll and Sen'jin/Echo Isles Guilds

<The Ai'loa> (Active)

<Burning Tusk Tribe> (Active)

<The Bahari> (Inactive)

<Antu Bloodguard> (Disbanded)

Forsaken and Lordaeron Guilds

<Undercity Nexus> (Active)

<Hand of Vengeance> (Active)

<Frostwolf Vanguard> (Inactive)

<Shadarim> (Disbanded)

<Ravenwing> (Disbanded)

<Pale Shield> (Disbanded)

Blood Elf and Silvermoon Guilds

<Dominion of the Sun> (Active)

<Silver Sanctum> (Disbanded)

<Silversun Initiative> (Disbanded)

Goblin and Bilgewater Guilds

<Megabucks Trading Company> (Active)

<Flashbang Exports> (Active)

Horde Pandaren Guilds

Mainland Pandaria Guilds

<Shado Pan Emissary> (Inactive)

Dalaran Guilds

House, Clan and, Tribe Based Guilds

Note: Sorting is based on theme, not racial restriction.

Orcish Clans

<Stormblade Clan> (Active)

<Blood Wolf Clan> (Active)

<Redfist Clan> (Active)

<Clan of the Black Dawn> (Inactive)

<Thunderhowl Clan> (Disbanded)

<Bloodied Blade Clan> (Disbanded)

Troll Tribes

<Thraze Rokh> (Active)

<Burning Tusk Tribe> (Active)

<Shadowdrum Tribe> (Disbanded)

Tauren Tribes

<Stonewind Tribe> (Active)

<Hawktotem Tribe> (Disbanded)

Skymane Tribe (Inactive)

Blood Elf Houses

<House of Silvacce> (Disbanded)

<House of Sunstrike>

Forsaken Houses

Goblin Cartels

<Gizlock Cartel> (Disbanded)

Adventurer and Mercenary Guilds

Horde Aligned

<Order of the Grey> (Disbanded)


<Tattered Banners> (Inactive)

<Battlesworn> (Inactive)

Pirate Guilds


Horde Privateers

<The Bahari> (Inactive)

<Bell's Heel Crorsairs> (Disbanded)

Craft, Trade and Profession Guilds

<Bold Enterprises> (Active)

<Gizlock Cartel> (Disbanded)

Entertainment Guilds

<Succulent Tart> (Active)

<Umbrella Enclave Consortium> (Inactive)

Scholarly and University Guilds

Criminal Guilds

Military Guilds

Note: Many nation based guilds (see above) are military themed as well.


<Kor'kron Legion> (Active)

<The Dusk Guard> (Active)

<Warscar Reach> (Disbanded)

<Sunreaver Offensive> (Disbanded)

<Auxiliary> (Disbanded)


<Stormblade Clan> (Active)

<Bloodmaw Outriders> (Inactive)

<The Infallible> (Disbanded)

<Brethren> (Inactive)



<Ashwalker Warband> (Active)

<Thunderroar Warband> (Active)

<Warsong Outriders> (Disbanded)

<Garrosh'kar Warguard> (Disbanded)

Knightly Orders

Holy Church Guilds

<Kiss of the Betrayer> (Inactive)

Argent Guilds

<First Light> (Active)

Druidic and Shamanistic Guilds

Earthen Ring

Independent Shamans

Horde Shamans

<The Loktra> (Disbanded)

<Stormrock Clan> (Disbanded)

<World Keepers> (Disbanded)

Cenarian Druids

<Light of Cenarius> (Disbanded)

Independent Druids

Horde Druids

<World Keepers> (Disbanded)

Cult of the Damned and Undead Guilds

Death Knight Guilds

<Hand of the Ebon Blade> (Inactive)

Twilight Cultist Guilds

Demonic and Burning Legion Guilds

<The Void Bound> (Active)

Demon Hunter Guilds

Gameplay Based Guilds

PvE and Raiding Guilds

<Demonic Hordes> (Active)

<Harbingers of Discord> (Active)

<Nocturne> (Active)

PvP Guilds

<Halls of Valhalla> (Inactive)

<Auxiliary> (Disbanded)