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House Gonzette
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"You'll not see us low."


Grigicon.png Grigaria Gonzette


Alteracbordericonfull.png Syndicate

ShadowCouncil.png Shadow Council


Alterac Mountains



House Gonzette is an Alteraci noble house under House Kessler, having served it faithfully for many decades. It serves as an arm of both the Argus Wake and the Alterac Syndicate, it's sole surviving blood-member Grigaria Gonzette sworn to the shadowy organisations.

Despite the House's derelict state, it still employs many servants, venerable but loyal men and women tending to the young Gonzette despite her pampered arrogance and hostility. Many mercenaries are also under the house's employ, the brigand having a propensity to recruit the more strange or unique members of the Syndicate; partially the reason her allies are often referred to as the 'Freak Squad', particularly by Markus Quinn of the Crusade.