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House Hillegas
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The coat of arms of House Hillegas.

House Motto

Yet Still We Remain

Head of House

Burchard Hillegas




Hillegas Manor, Starkfeste





  • House Aarden


Sigismund Hillegas

Yet Still We Remain

–Motto of House Hillegas

House Hillegas is a Lordaeronian noble house that rules over the Barony of Zollern in the Kingdom of Lordaeron. It was famous in it's home kingdom for breeding tall and strong warriors that were, usually, noble and good rulers. The House controls meager lands and provided an adequate tithe to it's former ruler, but now it is currently unlanded and attempting to reclaim the land they once held. Currently, it is headed by Burchard Hillegas.



House Hillegas was founded not long after the Kingdom of Lordaeron itself was created, though it was never able to prosper with flourishing borders. It's founder was Sigismund Hillegas, who was said to stand at seven feet tall, and was a just and fair ruler.

Scourging of Lordaeron

During the Fall of Lordaeron, House Hillegas was cut off from the main Lordaeronian forces, and was left to defend itself against the tide of Undead. Easily, they were overwhelmed and annhilated. Many members of the House stood their ground at the main port, along with Burchard Hillegas' father, and perished. Their sacrifice was not in vain, for the surviving members of House Hillegas were able to sail south, and escape to safety.

Present Day

House Hillegas is in disrepair, with it's ancestral lands currently the goal of the House's members to reclaim. The House is headed by one of the last descendents of Sigismund, Burchard Hillegas.

Notable Members

Sigismund Hillegas

Sigismund founded House Hillegas after being granted the Barony of Zollern inside of the Kingdom of Lordaeron ages ago. He was rather tall, known as a noble fighter, and was said to be a just ruler over his small domain.

Burchard Hillegas

Burchard Hillegas became the head of House Hillegas after his uncle passed away in solitude, sometime after the Fourth War. He is currently attempting to reclaim the Barony of Zollern, his ancestral homeland in the Kingdom of Lordaeron.

Lands and Vassals


House Hillegas once ruled, and is fighting to reclaim, Zollern. It is a barony in the former Kingdom of Lordaeron.


There are loyal retainers that followed House Hillegas after the Fall of Lordaeron, but they are insignificant to the point of having no recognition. Being a small barony, Zollern has no real big vassal that shines over the rest, the multitude of families that follow House Hillegas being the vassals themselves, in a way.

House Aarden

However, one of these vassals in the Barony of Zollern that proclaims loyalty to House Hillegas does stick out, and that is House Aarden. They have existed inside the Barony of Zollern for as long as House Hillegas has ruled the land, and they are as old as House Hillegas themselves. These retainers fight on the battlefield alongside House Hillegas, pay and adequate tithe to the ruling House and give clear friendship to all in the land. Unbeknownst to all though, House Aarden schemes in the shadows. They are spiteful, and resent the successes of House Hillegas. They are tired of losing their sons in conflicts for barely any recognition. They secretly seek to upsurp the Barony of Zollern from House Hillegas and have put forth machinations to see this through, now that Burchard Hillegas himself has no proclaimed heir.

Coat of Arms

Helm: Closed Helmet

Torse Colors: Lordaeronian Blue and White

Supporters: Flower Plumes

Description of Shield: A white horse in the center of a field of dark blue. The base of the shield is dark green with black borders. It is meant to symbolize the valiant "white knights" on a battlefield, underneath the daytime sky.

Motto: Yet Still We Remain

Provincial Compartment: Lordaeron