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The House of Albrecht

Coat of Arms

A crowned, crimson falcon beneath a cloth malting of ivory and crimson.


For Peace War.



Current Head

Madelynne I




Viscount of Blackmarsh


Albrechts of Capital City


Helmuth Albrecht

The House of Albrecht (colloquially "House Albrecht") is an old and prestigious bloodline within the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Their seat is in Dawnhaven, the principle holding in the viscounty of Blackmarsh, though the houses of Lichter and Thorne  can be considered cadet branches. Their sigil is a crimson falcon, crowned, upon a field of white and red. The crown above it is to signify their regnal power. Their motto is "For Peace War" and has remained unchanged since Blackmarsh was annexed into Lordaeron.


Long ago, the Albrechts were one of many warlike peoples attempting to stave off Lordaeronian expansion. It was through continued war and strife with Lordaeron that they began to develop an adherence to military discipline. Along with their peers in the houses of Creed, Pendleton, and Vine they formed the backbone of Blackmarsh’s defense, but were eventually forced into submission.

Helmuth Albrecht, the last king of Blackmarsh, surrendered to the king of Lordaeron nearly two centuries prior to the present. Because the Albrecht holdings in Blackmarsh were the most prosperous, they were made the reigning family in the province, beholden to the Menethils for their position. This, and Helmuth’s marriage the king’s daughter, led to the Albrecht family gaining in prestige and position.

The Viscount of Blackmarsh became a title inherited from father to son. It was eventually awarded to Jothaem Albrecht after his niece, Queen Madelynne the Merciful, abdicated it in favor of claiming the vacant throne of Lordaeron.

Claim to Lordaeron

Since the marriage of Helmuth Albrecht to Morgana Menethil, there has always ostensibly been a claim to the throne of Lordaeron. However, with each generation that claim grew weaker while the claims of more lineal descendants grew all the more preferred. By the time of Madelynne Albrecht's coronation, she was far less a Menethil than any true claimant, but did hold enough blood in her to justify royal consideration.

Their claim to the throne is largely a matter of opportunity and avarice. With Prince Arthas and King Terenas dead and Calia Menethil missing, there are few if any contenders for the throne on the basis of blood. Madelynne, with an army already in Lordaeron, declared herself queen as a means of encouraging her men to fight more ardently as well as staking her claim.