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The Great House
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The Crest of the House Ardalan


~ 2,700 B.D.P.


Algernon Ardalan

Cadet Branch

  • House of Adellese
  • House of Edel


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance

Current Head

Aras Ardalan



  • House Baultery
  • House Greyson
  • House Greywell
  • House Harrowmire
  • House Lowell
  • House Stalsworth
  • House Therrineux
  • House Trahaern

  • House Thaltor (defunct)


Crossed Wands over a shield of blue dragon-scale, topped with a fortified Cornuthaum (wizard's hat)


Sow Knowledge, Reap Wisdom

Nearly extinguished during the Orcish Wars, the House of Ardalan is a wizarding family and political dynasty that first began to gather prominence under Aetyleus Ardalan in the Kingdom of Stormwind during the reign of Barathen Wrynn.

The Ardalans have since produced several government ambassadors and ministers to both the Magocracy of Dalaran and the Kingdom of Stormwind; some of these titles including Minister of Academics and later Vice-Chancellor of Dalaran, Earl Marshal of the Stormwind House of Nobles, and Lord High Mage of the Kingdom of Stormwind. In 32 ADP, the family acquired the hereditary title Marquis of Stonewind and witnessed degrees of economic growth from its silver mining operations.

While the family lives on through its cadet branches, the only surviving members of the old house are Aetyleus the Elder, Alastair Ardalan, and Aras Ardalan.

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