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The Great House
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The Crest of the House Ardalan


~ 2,700 B.D.P.


Algernon Ardalan

Alive Members

Aetyleus Ardalan
Alastair Ardalan
Anizin Ardalan (Undead)
Athelstan Ardalan (Undead)
Aras Ardalan

Cadet Branch

  • House of Adellese
  • House of Edel


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance

Current Head

Aras Ardalan



  • House Baultery
  • House Greyson
  • House Greywell
  • House Harrowmire
  • House Lowell
  • House Stalsworth
  • House Therrineux
  • House Trahaern

  • House Thaltor (defunct)


Crossed Wands over a shield of blue dragon-scale, topped with a fortified Cornuthaum (wizard's hat)


Sow Knowledge, Reap Wisdom


Nearly extinguished during the Orcish Wars, the House of Ardalan is a wizarding family and political dynasty that first began to gather prominence under Algernon Ardalan in the Magocracy of Dalaran during the reign of the Magocrat-lord Ardogan. While the old family lives on through its cadet branches, there are only five surviving members of the original house (see below).


"Sow Knowledge, Reap Wisdom," has long been a phrase used by the Ardalan house. It appears to be true. With few exceptions, the author has not discovered anywhere an Ardalan, who did not trace his ancestry, by knowledge or tradition, back to that one rich, historic ground, midway of the Alterac Uplands. This is not only true of the Ardalan families of Stormwind and Dalaran, but also of the Lordaeronian families of this name. With two or three exceptions, all the Ardalans can be traced back Alterac.

What the original name was, whether Ardalan or Ardelan, cannot now be ascertained. The records of the Arathorian Empire, where the name is first mentioned, show it to have been spelled both ways, as well as many other ways. All other forms of spelling, however, seem to have been owing to the ignorance of those who kept the church records, or were draftsmen of the legal papers where these names occur . Whenever actual signatures were made by the persons themselves, there was rarely a variation from Ardalan , or Ardelan, the former predominating. The earliest iteration of the family name appears as Algernon Ardalan, as documented on a bill of sale from a fruit merchant.

The Modern Era

The Ardalans have since produced several high ranking government officials, including parliament ministers, ambassadors, senators, and provincial magistrates to both the Magocracy of Dalaran, the Kingdom of Alterac, and the Kingdom of Stormwind. Some titles of importance include: Vice-Chancellor of Dalaran, Earl Marshal of the Stormwind House of Nobles, Lord High Mage of Stormwind (x2), Deputy Lord High Mage of Stormwind (x2), Dalaran Minister of Academics, High Provost of Stormwind, Knight of the Brotherhood of the Horse, and Senator of Dalaran (x2).

In 32 ADP, the family acquired the hereditary title Marquis of Stonewind after serving as the Lord-lieutenants following the death of the original noble family during the First War. Under their reign, the March witnessed unprecedented degrees of economic growth from its silver mining operations based out of western Elwynn Forest. Other affairs include the co-founding of The Ambermill Society, an elite scientific order of Kirin Tor master arborists, botanists, herbologists, and horticulturist.

The five surviving members of the original house are as follows:
1. Aetyleus Ardalan, Vice-Chancellor of the Magus Senate.
2. Alastair Ardalan, Grandmaster of the Ambermill Society.
3. Anizin Ardalan, Master Apothecary of the Ambermill Society (Undead; former Dark Apothecary).
4. Athelstan Ardalan, Master Siegesmith of the Knights of the Ebon Blade (Former Crusader of the Silver Hand).
5. Aras Ardalan, Earl Marshal of the Stormwind House of Nobles.

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