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House of Ashvane

Coat of Arms

A pearl-white scale over a bath of crimson.


Tol Dagor, Tiragarde Sound

Last Known Head

Priscilla Ashvane


Tol Dagor, Kul Tiras


President of the Ashvane Trading Company


Tol Dagor
Ashvane Foundry
Ashvane Docks
Ashvane Company Yards


Kingdom of Kul Tiras (formerly)



House Ashvane was one of the four ruling houses of Kul Tiras. Lady Priscilla Ashvane was the powerful matron of House Ashvane and sought to bring Boralus under her control. They also controlled the Ashvane Trading Company.

Lord Ashvane died during the Invasion of Durotar.

The House was considered disbanded and defunct following Lady Ashvane's imprisonment for high treason and her later death after her defection to the Nazjatar Empire.

Significant Members

  • Lady Priscilla Ashvane, last ruler of House Ashvane and widow of Lord Ashvane.
  • Lord Ashvane, died in Theramore alongside Daelin Proudmoore not long after the ending of the Third War.
  • James Ashvane, has a plaque at Unity Square.
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