Alliance 32-1

House of Dawnsinger

The sigil of House Dawnsinger

The official banner marking House Dawnsinger's loyalty to the Grand Alliance.

Serana final
Serana Dawnsinger, the house's matriarch by Michelle Ejdrup

Aniah Silversong, a lady of House Dawnsinger Michelle Ejdrup

Alea Dawnsinger-min
Alea Dawnsinger, a lady of House Dawnsinger Ayie OlaerArt


Belore; Church of the Holy Light


Summery Edit

The House of Dawnsinger - Quel'dorei Chapter refers to a Dawnsinger chapter that is politically aligned with the Grand Alliance. Unlike their Ren'dorei counterparts, the Quel'dorei chapter remains free from void taint and true to their traditional elven roots. Although the current living Dawnsingers all come from Dawnish heritage, they have not embraced much of their people's ethnic culture and instead remain largely similar in cultural practices to the houses of Highblade, Silverglory and Sunrose.

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