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House Firavel

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The Firavel Crest

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"Watch Us Soar"


Renius Firavel

Head of Household

Firavel Brooch.png Feloirus Firavel

Living Members

Feloirus Firavel
Arinae Firavel
Laegnes Firavel
Lainnos Firavel Sr.
Lainnos Firavel (Jr.)
Mal'thane Firavel
Sabara Firavel
Elthorien Firavel
Thespius Firavel
Sylrendor Firavel

Deceased Members

Renius Firavel
Kieran Firavel
Eponine Firavel

Political Allies

House of Dawnlight
House of Eversun
House of Bloodfury

Vassal Houses

House Sunsorrow
House of Sa'daras

Seat of Power


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The following excerpt can be found in a book located in Silvermoon's libraries.


House Firavel was founded, a top the ruins of a troll tribe, in the year -3950 along with the province of Villanelle by Renius Firavel. Due to his nickname, "The Dragonhawk", Renius took the beast as his House's sigil, asserting their dominion over the skies. Since then House Firavel has held a firm grip on Villanelle, turning it into a thriving region of Quel'thalas.

Ever since it's foundation, the Firavel children that grew up at Villanelle Castle would frequently perish under strange circumstances. Many commoners believed that due to their prosperity being build on the ruins of a troll civilization that it was some sort of curse. This belief lead one head of the House to establish the Firavel Manor in Falconwing Square, which has served as their main residence since.

Even in times after Renius's reign, House Firavel remained one of the most prestigious Sin'dorei families in all of Quel'thalas. Firavels were found in all branches of governance, more often than not in positions of authority. However, as time went on, greatness gave way to decadence and mediocrity. The epitome of which was seen in the bIunderous reign of Kieran Firavel. It's current head, Feloirus Firavel has shown promise in his successful military tactics and his patronage of academies and orphanages. He has also seen fit to slightly modify the Firavel coat of arms, implanting a single cherry blossom into the center of the sun.

Common Traits

Every legitimately recognized Firavel in recorded history has had blonde hair. So common is the trait, that some former lords disowned any children born without it and further accused the mother of adultery; often leading to divorce or in severe cases, execution. Due to their lineage as trollslayers, it is quite common for a Firavel to hold a severe racism against trolls and it is rumored that some were kept as slaves in the past.

As their sigil suggests, Firavels are predisposed to dragonhawks. From breeding to riding, they are knowledgeable and experienced. So great is their prowess in the field, that an estimated fifteen percent of the House's yearly net profit comes from selling dragonhawks and teaching others how to ride. This talent meshes well with their tendency to excel in Farstriding fields, making them some of the best scouts in Quel'thalas.