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The House of Perenolde

Coat of Arms

An eagle to the right of four stars with an orange backdrop.


Alterac Keep, Alterac City

Current Head

Lady Beve Perenolde (Presumed)


Alterac Mountains


King of Alterac


Formerly all of the Kingdom of Alterac


Kingdom of Alterac
Alliance of Lordaeron (Traitor)
The Old Horde (Formerly)
Alterac Syndicate

The House of Perenolde was the former ruling house of the Kingdom of Alterac, its last known living member being Lady Beve Perenolde. Along with many members of the Alterac House of Nobles, they had their titles and lands taken from them and were exiled. Some of them also played a large role in the formation and leadership of the Alterac Syndicate.

Notable Members

The Kingdom of Alterac
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