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House of Stormsong

Coat of Arms

A teal sigil of the Tidesages on an ocean of blue.


Shrine of Storm, Stormsong Valley

Current Head

Brannon Stormsong


Stormsong Valley, Kul Tiras


Sovereignty over Stormsong Valley.


Kingdom of Kul Tiras



House Stormsong is one of four noble houses that rule Kul Tiras. Their seat is the Shrine of the Storm, in the region of Stormsong Valley. It takes a role in the construction of the country's navy.

The Tidesages serve House Stormsong. It was the late Lord Stormsong's grandfather who led them to Stormsong Valley.

Significant Members

  •  Lord Stormsong, Lord of House Stormsong.
  •  Brannon Stormsong, nephew and heir of House Stormsong.
  • Waylon Stormsong, admiral of House Stormsong.
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