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House of Waycrest

Coat of Arms

A silver hawk over a forest of grey.


Waycrest Manor, Drustvar

Current Head

Lucille Waycrest


Drustvar, Kul Tiras


Sovereignty over Drustvar.


Kingdom of Kul Tiras, Independent



House Waycrest is one of four noble houses that rule Kul Tiras. Their seat is the Waycrest Manor, in the region of Drustvar. House Waycrest led the war against the drust when humans first settled Kul Tiras thousands of years ago. Providing most of the nation's ore and some of its toughest warriors, House Waycrest has been a loyal supporter of House Proudmoore's rule for centuries.

Significant Members

  • Arom Waycrest, founder of House Waycrest.
  • Arthur Waycrest, Lord of House Waycrest.
  • Meredith Waycrest, Lady of House Waycrest and leader of the Heartsbane Coven.
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