Lt. Hozak James Smokeyday is a proud Gilnean druid afflicted with the worgen curse who seems rather indifferent of the world around him, simply going on with life in its own rhythm. But don't let those dull eyes fool you. Hozak hides a great turmoil in his heart, his guize being the constant mockery he makes of certain aspects of life. Despite all this, the young druid shows great potential as a Druid of the Talon, using the powers of nature to do his bidding...Either professionally or for simple mischief.


Hozak currently works as an officer within the League of Lordaeron, led by Commander Kerdic Lothinil. Originally, the worgen wanted to join the League so he could conquer his fear of Undead. But as the years passed, Hozak's phobia slowly diminished, being forced to work with Death Knights along the way. Now, the League acts as his family.

Recently, he has been approached by a representative of the Cenarion Council to talk about the struggles of Azeroth and to find ways to improve it. With the recent resignation of his partner Nicholas Ravendane, Hozak is left with the responsibility of representing the League.