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Hunter is a general term to describe someone specialized in tracking, survival, beast-mastery and/or marksmenship.[1] Hunters whom take use of powerful rifles to take out targets from long ranges via a magnified scope are often known as snipers or marksmen/women, while those preferring a bow may be known as rangers. Additionally, those specializing in the taming of and companionship with beasts may be known as beast-masters. Other types of hunters also exist, such as the kaldorei-exclusive sentinels and draenei rangari.

The art of the hunter may be used for various purposes including hunting game, marksmenship for the sport and warfare. The different cultures of Azeroth often have a more common style of hunter, such as the dwarves who nearly always prefer a shotgun or another type of rifle opposed to a bow often alongside a beast found within their land.


  1. Some hunters, however, choose to use a polearm-esque weapon for the close quarters of forests.